Letters to the Editor

I get why Gen. Mattis resigned

Trump kowtowed to Turkish leader

Secretary of Defense James Mattis resigned because President Trump, abruptly and without consultation, decided to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. Lost in the turmoil is the fact that it was Turkish President Erdogan who convinced him to do it.

Who can blame Mattis for being infuriated when his commander-in-chief kowtows to a dictator like Erdogan, who wants the U.S. Army out of the way so he can continue his assault on America’s most dependable ally, the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Turkey pretends to be an ally so it may continue its long history of genocide and ethnic cleansing – first the Armenians, now the Kurds.

Nick Hagopian, Charlotte

Trump isn’t at fault for all that’s wrong

In response to “Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing” (Jan. 3 Forum):

People who think like Forum writer Herb Stark worry me. Drugs and bad people are pouring into our country every day at the border. The stock market plunge coincided with the Democrats taking the House, and the Federal Reserve sets interest rates, which affects the economy.

Concerning the wall, I wonder if Mr. Stark would let just anyone onto his property and into his home without knowing who they are and why they are there?

Margie Jones, Lincolnton

Trump puts a false spin on immigrants

How much longer before our senators call out the president on this shutdown and wall funding farce?

They should be vocal in demanding that the shutdown end immediately before beginning work on comprehensive immigration reform, including protection for Dreamers and DACA recipients and a viable and non-vindictive path to citizenship for undocumented people currently living in the U.S.

The president’s rhetoric, which misrepresents the character of immigrants and contributes to their dehumanization, needs to be called out by those who are positioned to do so. This is the path to border security, not a shutdown that hurts federal workers.

The president needs to be held accountable for his incomprehensible – and unconscionable – discourse.

Matt Samson, Cornelius

Accept the outcome in 9th and move on

I am tired of the bickering over elections. It is still going on with our presidential election after two years. Now we added the 9th District election.

Whether there is dishonesty or corruption is not for us to decide. It is the system we have in place at this time. Accept the outcome and let’s move on.

Steve Lamb, Charlotte

Budd’s support of Trump disappoints

This is the third shutdown since the Trump administration took over.

It is time for U.S. Rep. Ted Budd to quit playing with our democracy and do his job to work for the people of North Carolina, not for this chaotic administration.

Name calling, lies, and bullying are for 10 year olds, not elected officials. I am disappointed in Budd’s continued support of this administration. Trump shut down the government as a campaign tactic and Budd allowed him to do it. Why?

Betsy Webster, Mount Ulla

Shutdown puts abused women at risk

In response to “Violence Against Women Act lapses during shutdown, putting help for victims at risk” (Jan. 3):

Lorraine Stark 2015
Lorraine Stark

It took many years for the safety of women to be protected under the Violence Against Women Act.

Now, there are many women who are literally being left alone to defend themselves because the government shutdown means some domestic violence programs won’t get the funds they need.

Any lapse that curtails the safety of a domestic abuse victim is wrong.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Act now on climate change, don’t wait

Hardin Minor 2016
Hardin Minor

Fact: Smoking can cause or compound a variety of diseases. Fact: The tobacco industry and its lobbyists hid scientific evidence of this link for years until they were sued and lost, paying millions in damages.

Fact: Climate change is real and causing exponential widespread havoc. Fact: Energy industry lobbyists hid and countered evidence for years that carbon emissions from power plants contribute to global warming.

The earth’s “lungs” are our “lungs.” What are you/we going to do? Wake up y’all!

Hardin Minor, Charlotte

Don’t dismiss Warren; I salute her courage

President Kennedy was once reported to be surprised by the attention some women gave Adlai Stevenson, his UN ambassador. It was pointed out to Kennedy that Adlai listened to women.

The world has hardly changed. Elizabeth Warren announces her candidacy and she is not likable enough, or romantically attractive.

Sorry men. She’s the brightest and best person to apply in any primary going back to President Obama. I salute her courage.

Sam Roberson, Fort Mill