Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.29.15

Tyler Helms
Tyler Helms

In response to “House votes to let magistrates skip out” (May 28):

Gay marriage is legal. Do your job!

Gay people can now marry in North Carolina. It’s the law.

If the duty of the magistrate is to perform marriage ceremonies, then gay marriages are now a part of that job duty.

By refusing to perform such ceremonies, a magistrate would be in direct contradiction of his/her foremost duty: to uphold N.C. laws.

Gov. McCrory, please veto this irrational bill. Demand that government employees fulfill all of the duties of their jobs.

Tyler Helms


In response to Our View “You swore an oath; uphold it” (May 27 Editorial):

Obama violates his oath; allow magistrates to do the same

Your subtitle says it all: “Public workers can’t choose whom to serve.”

Taking lowly magistrates to the woodshed over the issue of refusing to perform gay marriages is journalistic malpractice.

If the president – the No. 1 public worker – can at will violate his oath to uphold our Constitution without consequences, surely magistrates should be able to violate theirs.

Sam Sanford


In response to “Study: City needs med school” (May 28):

Locate new med school at Kannapolis research campus

Great facilities exist in Kannapolis, waiting to be used. Dole Food Co. built the North Carolina Research Campus complex seven years ago. Kannapolis is near enough to Charlotte to make it an excellent place to have a complete medical campus.

For many reasons this would be an excellent choice!

Betty Paules


In response to “Budget deal raises garbage fee for some” (May 27):

City budget that only raises fees for some is unfair

Not so long ago banks did something called “red lining,” which made mortgages difficult to obtain in low-income neighborhoods.

It was blatantly illegal.

So why is it legal for the City to do “green lining,” creating a system which has those with more expensive homes paying a larger portion of the cost of services like garbage collection?

Daria Wallace


In response to “Spotlight focused on ending solar preferences” (May 26):

Now is not the time to limit N.C. tax breaks for solar

I just returned from Nevada where the newspapers are full of stories about the Nevada legislature’s attempt to limit tax breaks for roof-top solar.

After reading the Observer article, my conspiracy-theorist gene kicked in.

Why are Republican legislatures fighting so hard against clean energy, especially solar?

We don’t need to reject possible solutions to our climate problems. We need to work toward a free-enterprise answer that reduces carbon emissions and helps the economy.

One very sane proposal is the Fee and Dividend approach offered by Citizens Climate Lobby. Tax carbon at the source and return those funds to the citizens.

Dean Kluesner


In response to “Courts can take up impact of Duke scrubbers” (May 25) and related articles:

Duke’s handling of coal ash has me worried about nuclear

When I saw how badly Tokyo Electric Power Company mismanaged the Fukushima disaster I thought that such incompetents would not be managing American plants.

Now that we have seen how badly Duke Energy handled its coal ash ponds I have to wonder whether they are capable of managing their nuclear power plants.

John Huson


Fed up with uptown drivers who make illegal left turns on red

In my daily commute to uptown, I am seeing an increase of left turns at red lights, both from one-way streets to one-way streets, and from one-way streets to two-way streets.

It is common at College and Sixth streets, and Wednesday I actually witnessed two cars perform this feat at Church and Seventh streets.

This is arrogant, dangerous and illegal, but that doesn’t seem to dissuade some people.

Kathleen Dooley

Lake Wylie, S.C.