Letters to the Editor

Dems want to keep Trump from a win on the wall and in 2020

Dems’ sole aim is to thwart Trump

Democrats say Donald Trump’s border wall is immoral, not needed, and they will not support it.

Howard Honeycutt
Howard Honeycutt

To make this decision, did Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer talk with U.S. border patrol professionals who risk their lives trying to stop drugs, human trafficking, criminals, and caravans from pouring across our southern border?

Did they speak to Angel Families whose loved ones were murdered by illegal immigrants?

No, it is not about this. It is a desperate attempt to keep President Trump from another win now and a 2020 election win.

Americans are not stupid and will answer at the polls.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Outlandish to call intel chiefs naive

In response to “Trump disputes intel chiefs, calls them ‘naive’ on Twitter” (Jan. 30):

Jack Hankins
Jack Hankins

It is beyond the pale that our president calls U.S. intelligence chiefs “naïve.” These are the only people in this morally bankrupt administration who aren’t naïve.

Republicans who acquiesce to an individual who is utterly lacking in logic, common sense and decency are the ones Trump should be calling naïve.

It is astounding that Americans who claim to love their country would ignore military and intelligence leaders while drinking the Kool-Aid of a president who seems to despise the very democracy he was elected to lead.

Isn’t it ironic that Trump seems to never praise an American ally, but finds leaders from Russia, China and North Korea so “honorable”?

Hopefully we will wake up before it’s too late.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

Dems moving far too left for me in 2020

Single-payer health care, less restrictive abortion laws, increased taxes, redistribution of wealth and income, open borders? Seriously? Unless a more mainstream Democrat steps up, this could be the Democratic platform in 2020! Who are these politicians, anyway?

Timothy Eichenbrenner, Charlotte

Trump’s tactics are endangering the U.S.

So, after talking with his intel chiefs about their recent disclosures that contradicted his claims about North Korea, ISIS, Iran, etc., President Trump claims they told him their testimony was misquoted and it’s all “fake news.” Really?

Isn’t it obvious by now that Trump is endangering the United States? What more evidence is needed? He has alienated our allies, cozied up to Russia, as well as North Korea and other dictatorships, lied about the need for a wall on our southern border, etc.

Doesn’t sound very sane to me.

Stephen Mayor, Fort Mill

Legislature must step up on teacher pay

Barbara Bell Kerr
Barbara Bell Kerr

In response to “Raises? Supplies? What teachers, state workers want in NC budget talks” (Jan. 30):

A teacher is one of the most important influences in our children’s lifetime. It is unthinkable that these women and men have to purchase any supplies to educate our students.

Taxpayers in our state should be outraged that our teachers make the salaries they make and have to supply the tools to educate our children.

We can not afford to continue to lose some of our best teachers. Our legislature needs to step up.

Barbara Bell Kerr, Charlotte

Don’t wait 8 years for another revaluation

In response to Billy Maddalon “On taxes: You can’t have it all, Mecklenburg” (Feb. 1 Opinion) and related articles:

I get the property tax revaluation. The city and county need money to provide continued services.

However, it would be great if the increases could be more often.

Some revaluation increases have almost doubled! That’s a real hardship for some people.

If it were a gradual increase, maybe every two years vs. every eight, it would perhaps be easier to cope with.

C.C. Ryder, Charlotte

CATS, do better by the working class

If so many developers are building apartments and new homes for newcomers, why hasn’t CATS broadened transportation access to support all citizens?

If Charlotte would just look at other cities and get advice for better access – more buses, more frequency, more connecting routes, and not having to go to the uptown transit center for almost everything.

This would be a support to the economy of Charlotte because more working people would find it easier to get to work at all the better jobs that are coming to the city.

Tameka Hill, Charlotte