Letters to the Editor

GOP was more interested in attacking Cohen than investigating Trump

GOP didn’t want to get to the truth

After watching a portion of Wednesday’s testimony by Michael Cohen, it appears that many Republicans on the House Oversight Committee took a unique oath of office that swore them to support and defend President Donald Trump against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

They appeared more interested in attacking the messenger than investigating whether the president really did commit any of the crimes alleged.

No wonder the House Oversight Committee held no hearings on the president’s conduct while the House and committee were controlled by the Republicans. They would have violated their oath of office.

Cecil Clifton, Davidson

Dems using hate for Trump to derail him

Bill Wallace
Bill Wallace

After the Kavanaugh hearing, I thought the Democratic Party could not go any lower. Now I wonder. Their hate for President Trump blinds any love they may have for their country.

To stage the Cohen hearings during an all-important presidential meeting with North Korea shows just how low they are willing to sink.

Trump has many faults, but he has come further in moving the North Koreans to reality than any president in over 50 years.

Yet, the Democrats are doing all possible to derail this. As an American first, last and always, I am embarrassed and saddened by their actions.

Bill Wallace, Charlotte

ABC system should meet today’s needs

In response to “End the state’s archaic monopoly on liquor sales” (Feb. 28 Opinion):

I did a little research: The Consumer Choice Center seems to be an anti-consumer, pro-industry, Koch-funded, mouthpiece for Libertarian economic philosophy. Readers deserve to know the influence behind op-ed pieces like this.

The state ABC system can and should be updated to serve the needs of today’s consumers without hurting its current retail employees or further defunding the ability of government to meet its obligations.

Bob Hrozencik, Vilas

Sabates was spot on; take him seriously

Thomas Uhl
Thomas Uhl

Felix Sabates’ full-page letter in Sunday’s Observer was excellent.

His journey to America is an excellent example of how the system allows a legal entry into our country and how success can be achieved through hard work.

The points outlined in his early years in Cuba should be taken very seriously by all of us. We must continually remind ourselves that we’re living in the greatest country in the world and individuals such as Mr. Sabates have been outstanding contributors to this.

His comments regarding socialism should be taken very seriously.

Thomas Uhl, Mooresville

AOC is making 1 percenters nervous

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sure has gotten the attention of the 1 percenters! She has been called out by name on a Times Square billboard – paid for by a group founded by entrepreneurs like Home Depot’s founder.

Closer to home, she has been called out by Felix Sabates in a full-page ad in the Observer.

When was the last time a first-term representative has gotten the American oligarchs so nervous? And, what do they have to be nervous about?

Alan Hand, Mooresville

Church decision was reprehensible

Joshua Peters
Joshua Peters

In response to “United Methodist Church delegates vote to reject LGBT marriages, clergy” (Feb. 27):

I find the United Methodist Church decision to continue its opposition against love morally reprehensible. How can an institution claim to espouse love and at the same time oppose it?

My only hope is that such a public display of hypocrisy will leave a sour sentiment in the hearts of the people about the church and its outdated dogmatic belief.

If people are allowed to love, then what is considered morally right will work itself out.

Joshua Peters, Cary

A double-standard brewing in the NFL?

So now that Robert Kraft was caught soliciting prostitution in Florida, will the NFL make him sell the Patriots?

After all, the actions he is accused of are a lot worse than those of former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, who was caught flirting with his employees. The NFL basically pushed Richardson out of the league ownership ranks to protect its image.

Or, is there a double-standard in the NFL if you are a high-profile team owner with a Hall of Fame quarterback and a bunch of Super Bowl victories under your belt?

Marty Pearsall, Mint Hill


A headline in Thursday’s Forum should have said letter writer Sam Roberson trusts the American system, not Donald Trump.