Letters to the Editor

Lightrail to Belmont sounds great, but hold leaders accountable

On light rail, I want accountability

In response to “Commission OKs light-rail line from Charlotte to Belmont” (March 1):

So the Metropolitan Transit Commission approves light rail from Charlotte to Belmont. Not a bad idea, but please give the taxpayers – yes, those people who actually pay for these projects – an exact cost.

These projects never come in on budget and no one ever seems to be held responsible.

I get tired of hearing that half the money comes from Washington. Well, that money is from our taxes as well.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Don’t judge the UMC by this one vote

In response to “Church decision was reprehensible” (March 1 Forum):

Dave Smith Fort Mill
Dave Smith

As a United Methodist, I was disappointed in the worldwide churches’ decision regarding human sexuality.

The point to remember is that the entire worldwide United Methodist Church was involved in this close vote and many of the representative countries are quite conservative.

It is my hope that Americans won’t judge the entire UMC by this decision and will understand there are many Methodists who will continue to stand for what we believe Christ calls us to be.

Dave Smith, Fort Mill

Those silent in GOP are enabling Trump

In response to “Dems using hate for Trump to derail him” (March 1 Forum):

If Dems are putting hate for President Trump ahead of country, the opposite side of the coin would suggest Congressional Republicans are putting fear of Trump ahead of country.

The Cohen hearing raised allegations of bank fraud, tax evasion, obstruction of justice, campaign finance violations, witness tampering, insurance fraud, hush money payments, and misuse of charitable funds against Trump. Yet, it was more than three hours into the hearing before a single Republican asked meaningful questions about these matters.

Too many Republicans are afraid to air their private views regarding this president in public due to his vindictive nature. That fear makes them enablers.

Barry Jordan, Charlotte

I like some of what Trump is doing

Barry Marshall

As an independent I definitely lean to the right of center and love many of the things that Donald Trump is trying to do – like keeping America safe, prosperous, and away from hard-left socialism.

But Trump has the propensity to say and do everything from the bowels of his body. Therefore, I would suggest that he try to emulate House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings and follow his heart and soul. He should also try to do better than what he always seems to be doing – lying, dishonesty and chaos.

Barry Marshall, Charlotte

I’m fed up with activist judges

I’m sick of activist judges overturning voter mandates and President Trump’s executive orders.

These insignificant liberal judges hate Trump and block him, and by extension the voters.

Now, a liberal N.C. judge throws out two N.C. constitutional amendments that “we, the people” approved – voter ID and income tax caps.

He cites a ridiculous argument that invokes gerrymandering.

Gerrymandering has zero to do with this vote because all citizens, regardless of the district in which they live, were able to weigh in.

Our judicial system is now as corrupt as the media and most politicians.

Mac McCall, Taylorsville

Meadows, GOP put party over country

Watching U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows during the Michael Cohen hearing was the perfect example of how the GOP sells out the USA every day.

Meadows took grave offense when he believed he was being labeled as racist. He truly looked to be in pain, as he felt his family was being attacked.

Where was that passion when the president declared a judge with Mexican heritage could not be trusted to be fair? Where was that passion when the president found “very fine people” on both sides in Charlottesville?

It wasn’t there. It will never be there. The GOP would rather placate its fringe groups than make progress. This solidifies the awful truth: The GOP has become party over country.

Stephen Sissons, Charlotte

AOC should make others nervous too

In response to “AOC is making 1 percenters nervous” (March 1 Forum):

I have to agree with part of Alan Hand’s response in the Forum when he said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making the “1-percent” nervous.

She’s also doing the same for the next 48 percent!

When a slight majority decides they have complete power they will take everything from everyone.

Daniel McKnight, Charlotte