Letters to the Editor

State should say ‘no’ to teachers on rally

Schools closed for rally? Outrageous.

In response to “CMS cancels classes May 1 amid planned teacher protest” (April 12):

Having worked as a teacher in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, California and Wisconsin, I do not understand why the state of North Carolina cannot say “no” to teachers who want to take the day off to protest.

We keep hearing that our children are not prepared to go out into the world of work or to attend college. Therefore, they should be receiving instruction in the classroom as much as possible.

I find this process of using workdays to protest that seems to be happening every year, outrageous.

If you as teachers truly care, keep the kids in class and protest on another day when the children you teach are not in the classroom. Switching to a teacher workday without any make-up day is not the answer.

Celia Powell, Charlotte

Berger, Civitas are red-baiting teachers

In response to “Advocating for ‘our children’ or a ‘Marxist’ event? NC’s upcoming teacher protest draws debate” (April 11):

N.C. Senate leader Phil Berger and the Civitas Institute’s red-baiting of the upcoming teachers march reveals they have no substantial objections to the teachers’ reasonable demands and are simply offended by the proposition that children of the non-rich are entitled to decent health care and education.

Nicholas Holt, Charlotte

Fight to keep Panthers’ HQ in NC

In response to “Panthers coach visits SC capitol as incentives considered” (April 12) and related articles:

Is the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, or state of North Carolina worried that the Carolina Panthers may move their headquarters and practice facility to South Carolina?

Is anyone in the government devising a plan to counter South Carolina’s lucrative offers?

Is anyone concerned?

I do hope there are discussions being held. If we don’t care that the headquarters and practice facility will move out of North Carolina, will we care in 10 years when a brand new stadium is desired and built in South Carolina?

Kerry Flye, Charlotte

Where have common sense Dems gone?

The Democrats have now become the party of name-calling, Socialist ideas, and obstruction.

It’s sad that anyone with differing views is called a racist and immoral. After wearing these terms out, they now have a new name “white nationalist.”

The cost of their New Green Deal is estimated at $93 trillion. Bernie Sanders and four others want to establish Medicare For All. Government would pay for everything and put the insurance companies out of business.

TurboTax has already used the Democratic motto for 2020: Free, free, free.

Thurman Linker, Cramerton

Require liability insurance on guns

The fact that Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All bill would eliminate private health insurance will most certainly get pushback from the insurance industry.

Perhaps that could be mitigated by introducing a companion bill that would require liability insurance on gun ownership just as we do on car ownership.

Not only would this substitute lost health insurance revenue, but it would put gun control in the hands of private enterprise. Who better to manage the gun issue in our country than the data driven business community?

Why not put a monetary value on responsible gun ownership? What could be more American?

Thomas Wiberg, Statesville

City Council, make schools a priority

In response to “Activists want back environment committee dissolved by mayor” (April 10):

Thomas Blomquist
Thomas Blomquist

Elimination of a city environmental commission hits our front pages, but the much larger shortcoming is the city’s lack of ongoing communication and coordination with CMS.

Rezonings continue to overload our schools, but our City Council appears to be oblivious to what is happening. We have eight city people worried about our tree canopy, but not one about our schools. Re-prioritize, City Council!

Thomas Blomquist, Charlotte

Scholarship was a game-changer for us

As parents we all want what’s best for our children. I was looking for something different for my daughter; I just couldn’t afford private school.

I applied and was awarded an Opportunity Scholarship.

She is thriving at Northside Christian Academy. I’ve seen her grow from being marginally ready for kindergarten to excelling tremendously.

There are 13 students in her class; that’s a big reason why we chose the school. She gets more one-on-one attention from her teacher.

I love how this choice has allowed me more access to her education, the teacher and classroom. We’re thankful for the Opportunity Scholarship.

Demecia Miller, Charlotte