Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.03.15

Marita Lentz
Marita Lentz

In response to “Surveillance powers lapse as renewal stalls” (June 2):

Protect my well-being, not my data

Sen. Rand Paul and those who supported his oratory Sunday night are wrong.

My telephone data is not “me.” It belongs to the telephone company, and to my knowledge the telephone company is not a human entity. It is only a business organization that offers a service to society that we use if we want to.

There is nothing unconstitutional about the federal government looking at my telephone data to protect my well being.

Marita Lentz


Bolster agencies rather than repair a faulty Patriot Act

After 9/11, in panic, Congress passed the Patriot Act. Now we see it is an imperfect bulwark against attack as it treads heavily on basic civil rights.

Instead of creating a new law, appropriate enough funds to bolster the FBI, CIA and NSA. With proper political will it could be accomplished, instead of trying to repair a faulty law.

Robert Prowler


In response to “Expect dramatic change if N.C. gun bill passes” (June 1 Forum):

Some of us choose to protect ourselves until police arrive

To secure a concealed carry permit you must take a lengthy class on gun safety and pass a stringent background check.

Whether you choose to legally carry a firearm or not, it is good to remember that the only thing stopping bad people with guns is good people with guns.

Some of us choose to protect ourselves and don’t feel comfortable trying to survive until police can respond. The news is littered with such victims.

Forum writer Rufus Honeycutt can hope for the best for his loved ones, while I will choose to actively protect mine.

David Stout Jr.


In response to “Council won’t pay for fire truck” (June 2):

Cut unnecessary spending to pay for needed fire protection

Why doesn’t the Charlotte City Council stop giving free money to the Panthers and Hornets and paying for frivolous lawsuits involving people who don’t listen to police when told to do so?

There is plenty of money to pay for the new ladder truck and firefighters for the Northlake Mall area. City Council just has to stop with unnecessary projects, especially the trolley.

Mike Metz


In response to “Time to make politicians pay for unwanted toll roads” (June 2 Forum):

Boycotting toll road won’t get us out of I-77 mess we face

Forum writer Barry Eaves says to show our displeasure we should boycott the toll road so the builder is bankrupted.

According to the contract, should toll revenues fall short Cintra gets $75 million in additional payments from the state. It seems this contract ensures Cintra gets paid one way or the other.

No easy way out of our I-77 mess.

Sue and Mark Daly


I implore lawmakers to support increased funding for N.C. courts

Mecklenburg delegates deserve praise for their hard work on the state’s budget bill, ratified by the House last week.

It includes increased court funding in critical areas: operations, technology, and salaries.

Our courts are the bedrock for our nation. If the judicial branch is starved by inadequate funding, our nation will wither.

I have spent 35 years in the Mecklenburg County courts as a lawyer, and I wish all citizens could see the remarkable work of our court personnel and judges who strive each day to sustain our courts.

They need the support that this budget bill offers. I urge Mecklenburg senators to support increased funding for N.C. courts.

Woody Connette


In response to “LGBT advocates rally in anticipation of marriage ruling” (June 2):

Gay community trampling religious rights of magistrates

The homosexual community wants society to uphold their beliefs in the “rightness” of their acts, but they want to deny magistrates the right to uphold their own religious beliefs.

Were magistrates advised before taking the job that they would have to go against their religious beliefs to perform their duties? If not, they should have the right to be steadfast in their religious beliefs and not be forced to perform these unnatural marriages, or lose their jobs if they don’t.

C.H. Hendricks