Letters to the Editor

Should we ban everything we find to be racist?

Why’s everything politically correct?

In response to “Flyers remove statue of late singer Kate Smith” (April 21):

Tom Creech
Tom Creech

I read that the Philadelphia Flyers and the N.Y. Yankees have banned the playing of Kate Smith’s rendition of “God Bless America” due to the discovery of Kate singing a couple of songs with “racist” lyrics in the early 1930s. What’s next for the politically correct crowd? Bing Crosby performed in black-face in the movie Holiday Inn. Is his song “White Christmas” now going to be banned over the radio and TV airwaves?

Whatever happened to the ideas of forgiveness and letting the past be the past, but learning from the mistakes of the past?

Tom Creech, Charlotte

Here’s how to stay alive

In response to “What must a black man do to stay alive?” (April 22 Forum):

Ken Owensby
Ken Owensby

I believe the answer is pretty clear, Forum writer Marjorie Parker, for people of any race, color or religious background. In this case, do not go into a restaurant threatening people with a gun.

When police officers give you a demand to put down a weapon, do it on the first command. By the time the demand has been made over a dozen times, the officer's adrenaline is racing and any movement is considered to be threatening.

Ken Owensby, Charlotte

Media just wants ratings from scandal

In response to “Mueller report release not exactly appointment viewing” (April 23):

The Mueller report showed Russian disinformation and hacking occurred during the 2016 presidential election. Surprised? Between 1946 and 2000, the U.S. had both overt and covert election influence operations in dozens of foreign countries. Russia’s 2016 operation was the cyber-age version of standard U.S. practice.

Should we investigate and stop activities by foreign entities? Absolutely. Tying a fact (Russian hacking) with an accusation (Trump collusion) obscures the truth. This was repeated continuously by our government and intelligence community, which the media tried exploiting for ratings.

Did this affect the 2018 election? Absolutely. Will an “obstruction” charge related to a hoax affect the 2020 election? Absolutely. What will you believe this time though?

Don Schonder, Charlotte

What’s been done about Russia?

Robert Cubbler
Robert Cubbler

The Mueller report described what we all have known for over two years now. The Russians interfered in the 2016 election, which helped Donald Trump become president of the United States. President Trump not only has denied that the Russians helped him get elected; he denied that the Russians were even involved. At this point, the administration and the president haven’t done anything to insure that this won’t happen in 2020.

My question is, why hasn’t the president or his administration done anything? Could it be that they think this could happen again? That the Russians will again be successful in tampering with President Trump’s election to a second term?

Robert Cubbler, Matthews

Employees, look at the whole picture

In response to “NCDOT study shows how state employees have lost ground on pay” (April 19 Opinion):

In regards to Ned Barnett’s piece, I would have to agree with him if along with the pay increase that benefits be put in line with private companies. Such as eliminating pension plans and offering 401Ks and medical benefits in line with other businesses in the state. If the government entity needs to cut costs because tax revenues are down, then they should be able to reduce numbers to do that.

I say this goes for all public employees throughout the state. Too many public employees look at the salaries of private companies without looking at the whole picture.

Charles Lloyd, Charlotte

Be proud of and learn from history

In response to “Students should know the Holocaust” (April 23 Forum):

I agree 100 percent. Our children and grandchildren need to know it all. The Holocaust is an absolute must in their studies. Having taught adjunct history at a local junior college, I learned how little students know by the time they attend our universities.

Despite some of our sordid past, we have a lot to be proud of and should take pride in being Americans and living in a democracy. We live in the greatest country so let's stop being ashamed for past generations, learn the real history and make sure it isn't repeated. History cannot be erased.

Sandi Ludwa, Rock Hill