Letters to the Editor

Dems are attacking Barr. They need to knock it off.

Angry Dems are taking it out on Barr

Democrats – still smarting from losing the 2016 election, not getting the right results from the Mueller report, and reluctantly having to listen to all the happy news from President Trump’s positive unemployment and economic numbers – are now attacking him hoping to get him out of office.

They attack Attorney General William Barr because he said he will investigate the investigators, not good news for Democrats.

Democrats need to knock it off and do positive things for America.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Nasty political tone starts with Trump

In response to “Supporting Trump doesn’t taint you” (May 7 Forum):

Gene Kavadlo
Gene Kavadlo

Interesting how this Forum writer sees nastiness in the Democratic Party, but fails to see the daily dose of nastiness doled out by Donald Trump.

The tone of the discourse starts at the top. Giving Trump a pass on lying, misogyny, bigotry, mimicking people with disabilities, the list goes on and on, seems to be a mantra of his supporters.

Anyone else see hypocrisy here? Perhaps the nastiness will stop when the leadership changes.

Gene Kavadlo, Charlotte

Politicians are falling all over Tepper

In response to “Panthers owner: I could stay in Charlotte” (May 9):

This isn’t real is it? I mean, a member of the Forbes 400 shaking down taxpayers for money, and politicians falling over themselves to give it to him? Come on now!

There is a perfect word in Yiddish for this: Chutzpah. Oh wait, chutzpah is too mild a term. “Coercion” and “gullibility” come to mind.

Observer Editorial Board, you need to speak out against this with the same intensity you direct towards Republicans.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

I see no benefit in Panthers’ SC move

I agree with S.C. lawmakers questioning the “why” of giving David Tepper and the Panthers $115 million in tax breaks to establish a presence in Rock Hill.

It really only benefits a billionaire owner and multimillionaire players. They already receive huge dollar amounts from TV contracts.

Raising ticket prices and asking for more from taxpayers? There is no benefit to the paying public.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Too many guns, too few courageous pols

There are too many guns. Too many people have guns. There are too few thoughtful courageous lawmakers.

Gene Rinehart, Charlotte

Taking away guns is not the solution

Mike Vee
Mike Vee

When is the public going to use its own common sense and realize that when innocent, defenseless people are murdered, the solution is not to take guns from law-abiding citizens, creating more innocent, defenseless people?

If anyone has a plan that will take weapons from the hands of mentally unstable people or criminals, I’m sure the entire world would like to hear it.

Mike Vee, Concord

I truly worry for my grandchildren

I have come to the conclusion that the America we knew many years ago is dying, from the very top to the bottom, and our grandchildren will pay dearly.

Calvin Wright
Calvin Wright

At the top, our leaders in Washington – on both sides – have no interest in moving this country forward. Instead, they’d rather nip and bite at each other like children.

We have thousands of corporate executives compensated with millions of dollars they could never spend in a lifetime, while the working class can barely make ends meet.

We have generations of people who cannot care for themselves and become dependent on the government.

We have many young adults who feel the need to settle their differences by pulling a trigger.

We have our own children going to school, a place that was once thought of as a safe haven, and wondering if some nut is going barge their way in and start killing.

I truly worry about the country my future grandchildren will live in.

God help us!

Calvin M. Wright, Charlotte

Barking at the moon over Tiger’s medal

In response to “Medal of Freedom to a golfer?” (May 8 Forum) and related Forum letters:

To those who feel the Medal of Freedom should be defended and “unsullied,” check the historical record of recipients. Included in the 123 awarded by Barack Obama are a golfer, Charlie Sifford, and a broadcaster, Vin Scully.

As you return to barking at the moon, I offer a golfing term: Get a grip.

George Meier, Fort Mill