Letters to the Editor

I urge Burr, Tillis to move to impeach Trump and Barr

NC senators, push for impeachment

Cheryl Howard2
Cheryl Howard

I urge Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis to support impeachment of Donald Trump and William Barr.

The way I see it, Trump and Barr are breaking the law now, and for my elected officials to sit there and do nothing is abhorrent.

I urge Burr and Tillis to have a conscience. Think of the people they are hurting by their actions and inaction. If Trump and Barr are allowed to continue, democracy as we know it is gone.

I am disappointed in the way my elected officials are representing the people of North Carolina. They must do better!

Cheryl Howard, Charlotte

Our country is facing a grave situation

William Jackson Jr. 2019
William Jackson Jr.

In invoking claims of executive privilege and a unitary theory of presidential power – that rides over constitutional checks and balances – Trump and Barr are nakedly using the power of the executive branch in broad daylight.

They intend to prevent Special Counsel Robert Mueller – and star witness former White House counsel Don McGahn – from testifying before the House committee that initiates impeachment proceedings.

The White House attitude is: How many divisions does Congress command, after all?

Our very system of constitutional government is at stake. Fellow citizens, what will you tell your children as to where you stood when this was happening?

William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson

Inclusiveness also includes whites

Leonard Pitts Jr.’s commentary, “Defending whiteness, even while dying of it,” (May 6 Opinion), is ill-advised and most misleading.

Most of us have seen and heard enough of this unjustified attack on whiteness. Just as society advocates inclusiveness, all races are created equally and deserve the same respect.

That conclusion, I am happy to state, includes the white race. We are all asked to ignore the color of one’s skin, unless it happens to be white.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Never forget these brave heroes

Donna Wilcox2
Donna Wilcox

In the recent Colorado shooting one young man immediately charged the shooter. His quick action prompted a couple of others to do the same.

The shooters are cowards; someone attacking them is a surprise and interrupts their dream of power over the group.

We do have heroes in our midst. They are young men who are not going to be cowed by the gun worshipers and who care enough about their fellow man to risk their lives.

We must remember these brave men’s names: Riley Howell and Kendrick Castillo.

Donna Wilcox, Charlotte

Parents and violence on TV play a role

While guns have been around for as long as our country has been, mass shootings have increased lately.

I do believe the glorification of killing in movies and music, but most of all in video games, has played a great part in this.

We have raised a generation of num-nums who think it is OK to shoot or even kill.

Give the child a video game or sit him in front of the TV and we can go about our lives... I say shame, shame on parents.

Shirley Natale, Waxhaw

Congress doesn’t get it on shootings

I have shared your editorial “It’s our turn, Charlotte, to live the mass shooting nightmare,” (May 2) with some friends in Denver, Colo. who are now “getting another turn.”

We all agree that you are spot on.

I would suggest that you send it to Congress and the current administration, but your time would probably be better spent trying to empty Lake Norman with a teacup.

Paul Shultz, Charlotte

Subsidizing a billionaire’s hobby

In response to “SC Senate approves $115M in tax breaks to lure Panthers” (May 10):

Congratulations to the taxpayers of South Carolina! You now get to participate in subsidizing a billionaire’s hobby.

The NFL and its owners can afford to pay for all the stadiums and practice facilities they want. But they don’t have to as long as state and local governments subsidize them.

Brian Buchauer, Statesville

Wake up and smell the coffee, Charlotte

North Carolina, and especially Charlotte, you had better wake up and smell the coffee.

I surmise that Panthers owner David Tepper wants a new stadium and this is the first move in the process. If our so-called “representatives” in Raleigh and Charlotte can’t see this, well say hello to the new S.C. Panthers.

Neil Nurisso, Salisbury