Letters to the Editor

Save lives. Make vaping products available by prescription only

Call the vaping industry’s bluff

Finally, a national problem that has such an easy solution... Call the bluff of the vaping industry whose leaders insist that the product is only intended to help people stop smoking and how appalled they are that teens are using it.

If that is true, they should have no problem with making the vaping products available by prescription only.

David Duncan 2018.jpg
David Duncan

With so many complex problems facing our nation, why are we still talking about a problem that would be so simple to solve? Is there any chance it will happen?

David Duncan, Fort Mill

Ignoring problems makes them worse

Keith Wilson.jpg
Keith Wilson

I feel like citing the lyric “and the band played on” in reference to elected leaders ignoring problems which will only get worse.

On climate change, environmental degradation, increasing U.S. debt, aging infrastructure, and insufficient gun governance we have ticking time bombs.

The kids understand what is needed on climate change, environment and guns. But debt and infrastructure must also be dealt with, and not addressing the former makes the latter harder.

These are the questions we must be asking our politicians. If they’re evasive or give poor answers, don’t vote for them.

We don’t need a wall. We need safe bridges and railways.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Democrats need to clean house too

Regarding “GOP racism label stems from its leader” and “The soup of white supremacy” (Aug. 28 Forum):

Floyd Prophet 2016.jpg
Floyd Prophet

These Forum writers should be reminded their own party needs to clean house before they point their stained fingers and judge others.

President Obama proudly utilized Al Sharpton as his mouthpiece on several occasions.

Our neighbors in Virginia have an accused racist governor and a lieutenant governor who has been accused of rape, while Democrats, including some running for president, continue to look the other way.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Put that surplus toward NC roads

What on earth are our illustrious N.C. legislators thinking to consider a tax refund to deplete our state’s surplus of $896 million when our roads are in such bad shape?

A refund of $125 for single filers and $250 for joint filers is not going to make a difference in savings or in elevated production around the state — it’s a pittance.

On the other hand, $896 million will make a huge impact on our hurricane damaged roads and the almost 60 road projects in our region alone that have been pushed back from one to six years due to a lack of funding.

Do our legislators live in cloud castles with no need to drive on our state’s roads and highways, especially in the more populated areas of Raleigh, Charlotte, the Triad and Asheville?

Get off your buns and use the money that we sent you to improve, widen, and repair our highways!

Janet Spain, Cornelius

A way to restore justice for Brooklyn

Regarding “Former Brooklyn residents call for ‘restorative justice,” (Aug. 24). I offer one example of how we can help bring Charlotte out of the dark ages of racial bias with the redevelopment of the Brooklyn neighborhood.

There are at least 1,000 individuals and/or households with the means to buy, at pre-construction prices, a penthouse/condo/ apartment which they would rent to displaced former Brooklyn residents or descendants at going rates or subsidized (Section 8) rents.

As a former Lockwood neighborhood landlord, I know a modest net profit can be made after deducting fees, other expenses and depreciation.

Ron Bryant, Norwood

Proposed policy puts officers at risk

Regarding “CMPD used ‘paramilitary’ tactics in man’s 2017 shooting,” (Aug. 30):

Bill Hite.JPG
Bill Hite

I would like to know what planet the Citizens Review Board was on when they suggested that CMPD amend its policy to state: “An armed person shall not automatically be deemed an immediate threat simply by virtue of being armed.”

Give me a break! What is a police officer to do in this situation? Wait until the armed person shoots the officer, before the officer can return fire?

I see a lot of dead police officers if this wild suggestion is taken.

Bill Hite, Indian Land