Letters to the Editor

Where are the men and women that voters sent to the US Senate when we need them?

Fed up with US Senate’s inaction

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed over 207 bills this year. They have all been sent to the Senate and none of them have been allowed to the floor for debate and consideration.

They have all been shelved by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. He has not even allowed the measures for elections security to see the light of day.

Where are the men and women we sent to the Senate when we need them? Where is the political courage displayed by the late John McCain? We need another hero, please!

Scott Carter, Charlotte

Trump will win by a landslide in 2020

Democrats and the liberal media are flouting the Constitution.

Trump won in 2016 fair and square. All of this nonsense that we’ve been enduring for the last three years is simply the left trying to overturn the results of an election.

Those on the left insult Trump and, by extension, his supporters daily. We’ll never forget how you’ve treated us and our president. Brace yourself for a landslide defeat in 2020.

Kevin Kronk, Pineville

Putting party and donors over country

If your lawyer tells you half truths or lies, do you keep them?

If your investment advisor tells you half truths or lies, do you keep them?

If your elected official tells you half truths or lies, do you keep them?

A growing number of Americans are tired of half truths, lies, and elected officials putting their party, donors, or themselves ahead of their country, state, city or county.

Elected officials take an oath of office. Now is the time for them to live up to their oath and protect the checks and balances our founding fathers set up for us. Each person has the power of choice and their voice to let their elected officials know, we will not accept any thing less.

Gary Heisey, Hendersonville

McConnell won’t risk it on impeachment

If the House approves articles of impeachment and refers them to the Senate for trial, it is doubtful that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would allow a trial to take place — regardless of any Senate rule.

With a slim 53-47 majority and McConnell and 20-odd GOP senators up for re-election in 2020, would he risk losing control of the Senate by marching his colleagues into a political death valley?

Rather, he will find some way to avoid a trial, lest he lose his post because Republican senators would have to vote up or down on Trump’s guilt — in an election year — and run the risk of losing the whole ball game.

William E. Jackson Jr., Davidson

Will Pelosi uphold the full Constitution?

I am glad that Nancy Pelosi has discovered we have a Constitution and has wrapped herself in it and vowed to uphold it.

I assume it is not a new “living Constitution,” but rather the one that establishes our right to the free exercise of religion, freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and protects us against unreasonable searches and seizures.

If so, I will sleep much better at night. You go, Nancy.

Mark Slaven, Charlotte

How to provide equity for athletes

Regarding “California says college athletes can earn money off name. Will NC, other states follow?” (Oct. 1):

It’s probably inevitable that college athletes will be able to make money from their popularity. Obviously this will lead to gross inequities between stars and those players in lesser supporting roles, for example the QB vs. the defensive tackle.

One way to provide some equity is to offset the value of the scholarship by the amount of the player’s income. This offset should include both the academic costs and the other compensation, such as stipends and family travel benefits.

Jim Lehner, Cary

NC rules unfair for fishermen like me

It’s outrageous! State fisheries regulators make it a crime for a recreational fisherman to catch even one Southern Flounder, but they allow the commercial fishermen – the netters, giggers, trawlers and guides to catch and sell them.

Our regulators have always been like that. They have over the years failed to properly regulate, allowed over-harvest, and when the flounder population is depleted, they solve their self-created problem by denying the ordinary citizen even one fish.

I’ve fished about 85 of my 91 years around Wrightsville Beach, served in our legislature, and on the Marine Fisheries Commission. I’m very aware of the pitiful state of all of our marine resources and the reasons why.

George Clark, Wrightsville Beach