Letters to the Editor

Facebook’s Zuckerberg shouldn’t be the arbiter on hate speech. Let the public decide

On hate speech, let public decide

By banning “dangerous individuals” who promote hate speech, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going beyond censorship.

He is engaging in indoctrination, plain and simple., telling us what we must think and believe.

How, then, do we deal with hate speech? Simple: Allow it as long as it doesn’t advocate violence or physical harm. Let it be debated out in the open and let us judge for ourselves whether or not it is acceptable.

We can - and should - decide for ourselves what is and is not appropriate speech.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Supreme Court is a political model

Timothy Eichenbrenner.jpg
Timothy Eichenbrenner

Regarding Kathleen Parker “The supreme battle before us,” (Oct. 25 Opinion):

Members of the legislative and executive branches of our government need look no further than the Supreme Court as a model of collegiality and decorum.

While presidents nominate candidates who are at least somewhat aligned with their philosophical and social leanings, the justices have shown that they base their legal decisions on what is in keeping with the law, not some political agenda.

I am grateful for justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and John Roberts who do what they think is right, regardless of their political leanings or who nominated them to the court.

We can only pray that the nomination process doesn’t deteriorate any farther than it already has and become hijacked by lobbyists and political extremists of either side of the aisle.

Tim Eichenbrenner, Charlotte

Elderly getting crushed by increases

How is it that we are receiving a 1.6 percent increase in Social Security? My property taxes increased 25 percent, utilities 15 percent, food 3 percent, and health care premiums will be 15 percent. How are we, the elderly and disabled, expected to live in America? Has our government failed to remember the mission — support and govern all, not just the rich and donors.

Douglas Sherrow, Mint Hill

House Republicans showed disrespect

It saddens me that any American member of Congress would disrespect the American people by disrupting lawful procedures in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Walter Saville, Charlotte

I see hypocrisy in Democrats’ stance

Democrats keep saying no one is above the law. So why does it seem illegal immigrants are?

Roy Brown, Charlotte

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Roy Brown

Political and social guardrails eroded

In light of the political climate, I encourage all to read “How Democracies Die” to learn why we must pay closer attention to the political process.

The political and social guardrails that have preserved our democracy so far cannot be eroded further; God forbid some future, more politically savvy person is elected president, abiding only the current “norms.”

Many Democrats are already concerned. Republicans: Imagine if that person is an ultra-liberal Democrat – how does that make you feel?

We all need to step back and demand reasonable and civil process in the governing of our country.

Marilyn Lord-James, Matthews

On troops, Trump plays a shell game

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Dumont Clarke

As roughly 800 troops abruptly leave Syria, President Trump says he’s just “bringing our troops home.” In fact, most of those withdrawn troops are simply being redeployed to western Iraq.

And to counter the growing Iranian threat, Trump has also sent almost 3,500 troops to Saudi Arabia in recent weeks, significantly increasing the total number of U.S. troops in the Persian Gulf area to at least 40,000.

Trump is playing a classic shell game. It’s insulting how gullible he believes the American people are and how willing he is to mislead us.

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

Council weakened tree ordinance

Augie Beasley 2017.jpg
Augie Beasley

Once again, businesses override the good of the city and county. City Council should have strengthened the tree ordinance, not weakened it. (‘We’re losing our beauty’: Charlotte OKs changes to tree rules despite opposition,” Oct. 22)

I am fortunate that over the years the builders in my neighborhood worked to save mature trees. People who visit say this is a hidden jewel on Charlotte’s east side.

Trees add beauty to a city, value to one’s home, and oxygen to the atmosphere. On average a tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen a year. Shouldn’t this be worth more than making already wealthy builders wealthier?

Augie Beasley, Charlotte