Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.16.15

In response to “School year ends with emotional goodbyes” (June 12 photo from Observer photographer Davie Hinshaw):

A tender photo says a lot about teaching

Thanks so much for the tender photo of a student and teacher saying their end-of-year goodbyes. They will likely go their separate ways, but the connection will live long into the future.

Teachers care deeply about their students, and the students know it. Anyone who doubts this should simply gaze at the expressions on these faces. Beautiful.

Anita Strauss-LaRowe


In response to “What do you think now, Scalia?” (June 14):

Death penalty accomplishes little, except for revenge

Everyone who favors the death penalty should read Leonard Pitts’ article on the McCollum case here in North Carolina. There is no evidence the death penalty reduces crime and lots of proof that the death penalty costs more than life in prison.

Revenge is the only reason we voters in this so-called Christian nation condone the practice that is against Jesus’ every teaching.

Robert Culbertson


Abortion waiting period might have helped family members

I have two family members and one friend who are emotionally scarred by being rushed into an abortion. One remembers the projected birthday of her unborn. Another tried to make up for it by having six children.

Pro-abortion people label this procedure as a women’s health issue. They are leaving out the possible emotional scarring. If you favor a waiting period for buying a gun, you should also favor this bill.

In both cases, a life is at stake.

Van Dolan Moore


In response to “Big business, its same-sex ads add to society’s moral decay” (June 12 Forum):

I’m fed up with people twisting words of scripture

Rick Mendoza writes that the term “gay Christians” is an oxymoron. I and many others take great offense to those remarks.

I am a Christian and have been for many years. I’m also the mother of a lesbian daughter.

I am so fed up with other Christians taking scripture and twisting the words that they read to make themselves feel better about discriminating against a group of people who aren’t doing anything except trying to live their own lives, work and take care of their families.

Jeanie Anderson


In response to “Should we all just boycott Franklin Graham?” (Peter St. Onge column, June 11):

Christians ignoring Bible when they judge and discriminate

I couldn’t agree more. Christians are commanded to “love thy neighbor as thyself.” If Mr. Graham and other Christians adhered to this, they wouldn’t be judging and discriminating against others. “Judgment is mine sayeth the Lord.” But, Christians that discriminate against homosexuals don’t seem to care about what the Lord says.

We are all sinners, but Christians who use the Bible to promote their own agendas need to look at themselves.

Elizabeth Will


In response to “Obama’s health care dare” (June 12):

Democrats to blame if Court strikes Obamacare down

Dana Milbank is simply wrong to blame the Supreme Court regarding the impending Affordable Care Act ruling. If chaos is the result of any Court decision then logic dictates that blame be assigned to the politicians who composed and passed this legislation.

The ACA was composed to be confusing, complex and deceptive. Defenders of the ACA now assert that due to a typo or drafting error, the ACA does not mean what is clearly written.

Rather, the administration can act according to what they “believe” the ACA writers intended. Orwell looks relevant again.

Jeff Campbell