Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 06.18.15

In response to “Board ponders its own pay hike” (June 17):

Spend on teachers, not on yourselves

Our county commissioners knew the pay scale before running for public office.

Teachers are the ones who need the money. They, too, spend their own time grading papers, preparing classroom plans, and missing time with their families.

During my years in retail I watched countless teachers spend their own paychecks to buy school supplies for students. They are the deserving ones!

Commissioners, wake up and see what really matters – our children who deserve fairly paid teachers!

Jimmie Austin


In response to “Feds: Gaston DA must help with visas” (June 16):

Gaston DA being bullied on illegal immigrant issue

Illegal means illegal, but to Democrats and their henchmen illegal immigrants represent votes and that trumps justice in the minds of the radical left.

I applaud Gaston County District Attorney Locke Bell for his principled stance.

I deplore the office of the U.S. Attorney bullying an elected official.

John E. Lane


What happened to government ‘for the people’? Bring it back

We used to be a government “for the people,” yet every day there is another example of our government gladly ignoring the wishes of the people: I-77, Tommy’s Pub, restricting voting access, and restricting a woman’s right to choose.

Add to that corporate polluters like Duke Energy who are saved by our politicians from bad policy – and worse, inaction.

I’m ashamed by the lack of responsiveness of our leaders.

People, we can’t keep voting for the same old people/policy. Next time, shake up your thinking and vote them out.

Jim Godfrey


In response to “Christians like me aren’t judging, just trying to live our beliefs” (June 17 Forum):

You can live your beliefs, but also be tolerant of others

Forum writer Jill Mick and others who share her sentiment are not being asked to do anything that goes against their beliefs. You are not required to become gay – just to be tolerant of others.

Robert Williams


Things get sticky for those who interpret Bible literally

Forum writer Jill Mick refers to Matthew 19 to justify singling out homosexuals for their “sin.”

How ironic that in that same passage, the Bible also says that if one divorces and remarries, he or she commits adultery. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is No. 7 of the Ten Commandments.

And in Leviticus, the Bible says adulterers should be executed.

So if Christians truly believe the Bible is the literal, inerrant word of God that applies to all, they need to apply the laws to themselves!

Cindy Chilton


In response to Ned Curran’s “For Puckett and others, here are I-77 facts once again” (June 16 Opinion):

Drivers care about daily toll cost, Curran ignored that

N.C. DOT board chair Ned Curran conveniently left out the cost of I-77 tolls for the folks who might be using the toll lanes daily.

The only ones getting something out of this scam are the investors, and all this talk of “express lanes,” “managed lanes,” etc. is merely code for toll lanes.

“Let’s stick it to the folks who use it” would be a more appropriate name for this unwanted, unnecessary project.

Herb Stark


Want safer roads? Then drivers, cyclists, walkers must obey rules

There have been numerous comments about making Charlotte safer for pedestrians and cyclists. I agree wholeheartedly, but believe the whole picture must be presented.

Cyclists, skateboarders, pedestrians, motorists, motorcyclists, etc. still “do their own thing.”

I see cyclists ride two and three abreast or weave through traffic, pedestrians cross wherever it’s convenient, motorists run red lights, and motorcyclists squeeze between cars.

Everyone is at fault.

The city has provided numerous opportunities by installing bike lanes, sidewalks, turn signal improvements, etc. It’s up to the community to step up and follow the rules and not request more from transportation officials.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Luz Aveleyra