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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 07.12.15

Trigg Cherry On Sanctuary Cities

Forum writer Trigg Cherry reads his letter on sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants.
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Forum writer Trigg Cherry reads his letter on sanctuary cities and illegal immigrants.

Move monuments to Levine museum

I went to Tuesday night’s Mecklenburg County Board meeting and reason broke out!

Commissioners George Dunlap and Jim Puckett stood out. Dunlap for his somewhat surprising position that the Confederate monument should stay right where it is because as he said, it’s history.

Puckett parsed the monument’s language to make a reasonable person at least consider an intent other than hate on the part of its author.

Pity the poor manager now left to suggest a solution. Here’s mine, actually my wife’s: Move this monument and the one on City Hall grounds to the Levine Museum of the New South for the teaching moments they would provide.

Morry Alter


End laws that protect illegal immigrants with criminal past

The recent murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco is tragic.

Anyone who continues to support sanctuary cities carries the blood of innocent victims of illegal immigrants.

What moral code must one follow to be able to justify not alerting ICE when an illegal immigrant with a track record of crime is getting released from jail?

My recommendation to people living in sanctuary cities is to speak with your feet and move out. Eventually those who stay will figure out how ignorant these laws are and either make changes or crumble.

Trigg Cherry


Trump slams immigrants, but wonder how many he employs?

How many maids, desk clerks, valets, bellhops, cooks, wait persons, bartenders, busboys, dishwashers, landscapers, maintenance staff, security staff, etc, who work at the Trump Hotels Collection are undocumented, illegal immigrants?

How many don’t have legal green cards?

How many work for less than minimum wage? How many don’t have health and/or life insurance? How many don’t get overtime pay?

I await Mr. Trump’s answers.

Scott Clifford


In response to “CATS ponders a second streetcar” (July 9 Opinion):

No need for streetcar on Monroe Road; bus is just fine

I’ve tried, but I can’t understand our local government’s fascination with streetcars.

Now, there is discussion about running a streetcar along Monroe Road.

How is this better than a bus?

The streetcar runs on a fixed track, shares the street with cars, cannot go around accidents or detours, and is subject to traffic lights. In addition, when the rails get wet they are slippery and dangerous for pedestrians and vehicles.

This is not mass transit; it’s mass folly.

Linda Lawyer


Make rail in Charlotte more versatile, like they have in LA

I favor mass transit in Charlotte and it’s clear it will be popular.

But I rode a train earlier this year in Los Angeles that started out as light rail traveling down a freeway median, then left the freeway and went down a city street like a streetcar. Closer into town, it went underground like a subway.

Charlotte planners must think in terms of versatility – and not that a line is either a streetcar or light rail. It can be both.

Allen Cooke


In response to “Voters to decide duration of term” (July 9):

Limit Meck commissionersto no more than two terms

Studies have shown that voters largely vote on name recognition, not on a candidate’s voting record. Therefore, every 18-24 months the incumbent is always in the lead in any race.

If Mecklenburg really wants to be a leader on this issue, the vote on the November ballot should include a 4-year term and a maximum of two terms.

Then, we avoid having the same people “elected over and over and over again,” as commissioner Jim Puckett so aptly noted.

Term limits are the only way to level the playing field so all citizens have a chance at equal representation.

Charles A. Newton


With the flag down, S.C. can get back to its new hallmark

Having removed the Confederate flag from the State House grounds, South Carolina can finally stop fighting the Civil War and can go back to whipping the pants off North Carolina in bringing jobs to the state.

Oneal Wallace