Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 08.03.15

U.S. must put end to Chinese cyberattacks

In response to “N.C. attorney general cites ‘alarming rate’ of data breaches” (July 31) and related articles:

For the past 40 years, presidential administrations have had an unrealistic view of the danger China poses to the United States.

One could argue that stealing designs for automobiles and technology via cyberattacks is merely criminal theft, but when they begin to hack into our utility grids and banking systems, they become a real terrorist threat to America.

Yet, the U.S. government seems to have unlimited tolerance for China’s misdeeds.

Have we truly reached the point that we’re merely a rug for China to walk on?

Bill Whitesides, Lincolnton

We need moderates to move N.C. forward

Are you kidding me! We are using North Carolina’s $445 million budget surplus to reduce corporate taxes from 5 to 4 percent instead of using it to hire better teachers, college professors, and for other critical educational needs.

My fellow citizens, it’s our fault! We elected the likes of Sen. Bob Rucho and his fellow right-wing conservatives who have no sense of moderate thinking in politics.

It’s time to take action at the voting booth. We need moderates – Democrat and Republican – who can balance social and fiscal issues and move our state forward, not ideologues who are pushing a single agenda for their own self-righteous purposes.

Leslie Goldfarb, Charlotte

Don’t give N.C. tax money to charters

In response to Darrell Allison “A win for educational opportunity in N.C.” (July 30 Opinion):

N.C. citizens want high performing schools. Top performing schools require top-performing teachers. To acquire the best teachers, we must pay top salaries.

N.C. legislators, quit catering to the wealthy by cutting taxes.

Tax money should not be given to charter or private schools in any form, cash or vouchers.

It is time our politicians work for the future citizens of this state – our children.

Katherine Moyle, Charlotte

Let Confederate flag stay on SCV tag

In response to Peter St. Onge “Who can change the Confederate plate?” (July 29 Opinion):

What difference does it make who has the authority to change or remove the Sons of Confederate Veterans tag?

The SCV is not a racist organization, and if they choose to use the Confederate battle flag as their symbol they should be able to.

The current frenzy to remove all things Confederate from our society is just more liberal agenda telling people what they should say and do to agree with that agenda. Others have different ideas and causes.

Jim Farley, Charlotte

Best we have to offer is Trump vs Clinton?

The Republican Party is now dominated by extremists and opportunists, all hoping for a TV show, or failing that, the presidency of the United States.

The election of 1796 featured John Adams vs Thomas Jefferson. Have we fallen so far that the best we have to offer is Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton?

Bruce Wright, Davidson

My solution to curb illegal immigration

The first step to deterring illegal immigration is to end automatic citizenship for everyone born in the U.S. – unless they have at least one parent who is a legal American citizen.

Removing this incentive will have a long-term effect in discouraging those coming just so their children will be U.S. citizens.

This would not totally eliminate the problem, but would have a long-term impact that is palatable.

Elmer Pinger, Charlotte

Hotel costs drive NASCAR fans away

In response to “Speedway Motorsports earnings miss forecast” (July 30):

Speedway Motorsports can expect the red ink to continue to flow as long as the weekly TV broadcasts reveal the acres of empty seats that plague NASCAR.

The stock car racing world suffers from many self-inflicted wounds, but the price-gouging hotel operators share some of the blame.

Brad Frazier, Iron Station

I-485 signage for Matthews confusing

When driving either direction on I-485, anyone unfamiliar with the area could easily drive past the large green exit signs marked only “East John Street” not knowing it’s a Matthews exit.

They would have no idea that John Street is the main street in Matthews.

Motorists would much rather have those signs say Matthews.

Enriqueta Feuer, Charlotte