Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.07.15

Put needs of U.S. workers first

This Labor Day let’s call on politicians at every level to put the needs of America’s working people first.

Members of Congress can do that by stopping trade agreements like the TPP, which would devastate our communities by lowering wages and shipping jobs overseas.

State lawmakers can do it by passing a budget that fully funds schools, expands Medicaid, and restores tax credits that work.

Local officials can raise the minimum wage for city and county workers to $15 per hour so that anyone who works hard doing the people’s business can sustain their family without having to rely on public assistance.

Braxton Winston, Charlotte

Want a higher wage? Take responsibility

In response to “We all pay, indirectly, for low wages” (Aug. 25 Forum):

Stopping at the Charlotte airport, I bought your newspaper and must respond to Forum writer David Hawk’s letter.

Sorry Mr. Hawk, but your sister is responsible for her income, budget, and lifestyle – not her employer, nor the government.

Employers are in business to make money. Period. Their responsibility falls to paying a fair wage for the skills needed to do the job.

Your sister is the one responsible for either learning to live on that minimum wage, looking for a higher paying job, or attending school to advance her skills.

Marge Artman, Duncan Falls, Ohio

‘Spineless’ is how I describe toll deal

In response to “Time to face some I-77 toll realities” (Sept. 3 Forum):

Charlotte Chamber CEO Bob Morgan says it would make us look “silly” to change our minds after the toll deal has been struck.

I would characterize the present toll decision as “irresponsible,” “unconscionable,” “misguided,” “spineless,” “unacceptable,” and “manipulative.”

Ask the taxpayers of Lake Norman. They would not call reversing the toll decision “silly.”

This is our reality, and it will have consequences for the next 50 years.

Connie Evans, Mooresville

I see similarities in Trump, Obama

Haven’t we learned anything by electing the current White House occupant who promised change but shortchanged voters?

Now it’s Donald FrankenTrump gone amok, promising to “make America great again” by doing it his way and his way only.

Sound familiar? Be careful what you wish for.

Herb Stark, Mooresville

Tired of GOP’s tax and spend spin

In response to “America needs a 21st century trust buster” (Sept. 3 Viewpoint):

LeRoy Goldman would do well to research annual federal deficits since World War II before propagating the mythology that it is Democrats who run up the debt.

The reality is that every single Democratic administration since World War II has decreased the annual deficits behind yet another big spending Republican administration, Obama included.

The Republicans have gotten away with telling the “tax and spend” story for pushing 60 years and it’s time that they own up to the truth and quit with this pure PR noise based on nothing at all.

Bob Harrison, Wingate

Walker’s Canadian wall idea off base

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said recently that it’s “legitimate” to discuss building a wall between the U.S. and Canada.

Would it be to stop Americans from escaping to a lower cost of living, fewer gun nuts, and real health care?

Such a wall would be about as successful as our attempts to stop people from entering from Mexico – just another immense expense to achieve nothing.

Chris Jackson, Matthews

Build affordable housing into plan

In response to Eric Frazier “Can city zone out racial isolation?” (Sept. 4):

Kudos to Eric Frazier for pointing out the elephant in our school classrooms.

City Council candidates should lead, not hide from this challenge.

Other too-segregated cities have spread affordable housing with zoning laws and builder incentives; Charlotte can find models to learn from.

Let’s use opportunities like the Blue Line extension to encourage developers to build some affordable workforce housing into their developments, to the benefit of families, local schools, and the city at large.

Roger Coates, Charlotte

Need better plan for game-day gridlock

I love sports events and I am a Tar Heel fan!

I also love spending time with my family after a hard day of work.

Perhaps improved traffic patterns and more police officers and I wouldn’t have spent over an hour on Morehead Street Thursday.

Kathy Morris, Huntersville