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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.10.15

Patricia Broderick
Patricia Broderick

Honor ancestors, but not Confederate flag

In response to “Dowd Y plans to remove marker” (Sept. 8):

The Dowd YMCA is right to remove the Confederate flag marker from its grounds.

It is certainly proper to acknowledge historic sites like the North Carolina Military Institute.

However, the Confederate states seceded and fought to preserve the institution of slavery. Theirs was a totally immoral and barbaric cause.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy and Sons of Confederate Veterans have every right to honor their ancestors, but surely they can achieve that goal without glorifying the Confederacy, its flag, and the disgusting cause for which it fought.

Terry Neal, Mooresville

Meadows’ gumption should be admired

In response to Our View “Poster boy for the next D.C. shutdown?” (Sept. 9 Editorial):

Rep. Mark Meadows is to be admired for jolting the sleeping House out of its languid response to Speaker John Boehner’s attitude to President Obama’s outlaw tactics, while the rest of the House watches from the sidelines.

Speaker Boehner’s reputation is in tatters.

Rep. Meadows had the gumption to accept losing a chairmanship to do the right thing.

There are few like him.

Patricia S. Broderick, Mooresville

Bank app another driver distraction

In response to “Banks test tech for shortening your wait” (Sept. 8):

I read the article about banks testing a new phone app that would allow customers to start a transaction before they get to their bank, then finish it at the ATM. Oh joy, another driver distraction is just what we need.

Fred Long, Charlotte

You try living on minimum wage

In response to “Want a higher wage? Take responsibility” (Sept. 7 Forum):

After reading Forum writer Marge Artman’s rebuke, I’m reminded of the heartless and completely out of touch mentality of Europe’s former aristocracies, which in part led to their downfall.

Try if you dare, Ms. Artman, to live on the minimum wage and see what it’s like.

Oh and, as for trying to better yourself with further schooling, good luck with balancing the two pursuits, let alone paying back the loans.

Paul Buckland, Huntersville

I want substance, not sound bites, insults

With everyone but Fox News CEO Roger Ailes running for president on the GOP side, it becomes difficult to keep up with all but that blowhard bully from Manhattan.

He’s sucking up all the headlines and airtime to the extent none of the others can get an asterisk for their views or platforms.

Perhaps others in the field really do have things to say that the voters would like to hear.

But it is nice to keep in mind that a sound bite is not policy and an insult is not leadership.

Dave Alexander, Swannanoa

Can’t trust Hillary; email server is proof

It’s really quite simple: Do we need a president who, while seeming to apologize for actions, continues to “qualify” multiple clarifications about those actions?

Common sense and logic tells you from the git-go that a “personal” server is used for only one reason – concealment.

Bottom line? Trust!

Coy Powell, Charlotte

Clodfelter is best choice for mayor

In response to Our View “For mayor: Howard, Peacock” (Sept. 6 Opinion):

The Observer’s analysis of mayoral candidates failed to emphasize the main reason Dan Clodfelter was chosen in the first place – to restore order and integrity to the mayor’s office.

To that task, Dan brought a career in the N.C. Senate where his judgment was sought and valued and his problem-solving leadership style prevailed.

He brought those same traits and priorities to his role as mayor.

He has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by our city – economic opportunity for all, a strategic multimodal transportation plan, and an educated workforce.

Dan deserves to be elected mayor, not just called in to clean up the mess!

Marie-Louise Hedin, Charlotte

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