Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 09.15.15


Don’t misuse Bible to back your biases

In response to “Two kingdoms in conflict on Marriage,” (Sept. 11 Viewpoint):

Cal Thomas’ editorial brought home to me how ridiculous we can be in selectively using parts of our Christian Bible to back our position on issues.

If Kim Davis’ position is that the Bible doesn’t condone the marriage of two men or two women then what is her position on divorces between a man and a woman? Mark’s Gospel states that “And if she (the wife) divorces her husband and marries another man, she commits adultery.” (Mark 10:12).

Now I happen to dismiss this statement because I have very good friends who are in second marriages and I don’t see that as adultery. But how does Mrs. Davis see it? Hasn’t she been married several times?

Charles Conner, Linville, N.C.

Religious right gets gay marriage wrong

It came as a shock to find myself in accord with Mr. Thomas' column on Kim Davis' misguided mission to form a theocracy in her small corner of the universe.

He manages to dismantle the fundamentalist's position more effectively than almost anything written so far.

Janet Taylor, Lincolnton

Surging violence shows perils of guns

In response to “Patrols increased after 5 killings during Labor Day weekend” (Aug. 9):

I've heard of the Wild Wild West and we're becoming the Wild Wild South. Soon children will be wearing bullet proof vests to school and birthday parties.

When will lives matter more than the right to own hand guns and assault rifles?

Connie Freeman, Matthews

Time for a payroll tax on commuters

In response to “Commuters flood into Mecklenburg” (Aug. 12):

With 189,000 commuters flooding into Mecklenburg, perhaps now is the time to resurrect a payroll tax to offset the tax burden Mecklenburg County residents bear for these workers.

County residents pay for the infrastructure and amenities that bring in and support the companies that employ these commuters. Thus, it is only fair that they pay their share of this tax burden.

Ed Carlson, Charlotte

Toll lanes on I-77 inherently unfair

In response to “Chamber vs. Chamber on I-77 tolls” (Aug. 11 Feedback):

Bill Russell makes several strong financial points to void the contract for I-77 toll lanes.

While the DOT continues to push tolls, it is important to note that there is a significant difference between toll roads and toll lanes. A toll road charges a fee to ALL users of the road, whereas the toll lane charges only those who can afford the upcharge.

Toll lanes are not available to those with lesser incomes, making the use of these class-creating lanes a case of government mandated inequality. In a country that is founded on the premise that “all men are created equal,” none of us should be willing to accept this approach from our government.

Jim Godfrey, Charlotte

All whites don’t think the same on issues

In response to “Why Ben Carson is surging” (Aug. 11 Viewpoint):

Columnist Clarence Lusane declares Dr. Ben Carson unqualified to be president mainly due to his views that are just too “unwaveringly” white, in his opinion. Mr. Lusane must then believe that all whites engage in the same, albeit incorrect and too white, thinking about the important issues of today.

Perhaps he will devote a future column to describing the correct way of thinking that we should all, black and white, ascribe to.

Frank Ammirato, Mint Hill

Donald Trump speaks the truth

Donald Trump is saying out loud what the average American is thinking but is too politically correct to acknowledge.

It isn’t necessary to seal the border in order to stop illegal aliens from entering the U.S. Remove the advantages and they will stop coming. No more jobs. Anyone who hires an illegal goes to jail. No more driver’s licenses.

No more free emergency hospital services. No place to live: Landlords will verify citizenship. No more automatic citizenship for anchor babies and repeal those that have it. No more education.

J.W. Zanella, Charlotte