Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 10.11.15

Heidi Abell
Heidi Abell

Diversity shouldn’t be No. 1 factor at CMS

In response to Peter St. Onge “A CMS school board candidate’s inflammatory post on integration” (Oct. 7):

I am the mother of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools student assigned to a high school 8 miles from our home.

When four candidates told the Observer that diversity should be the No. 1 factor in student assignment, more important than proximity or utilization or anything else, Jeremy Stephenson was right to call them out on it.

If diversity outweighs proximity in student assignment, then busing will be required.

Heidi Abell, Charlotte

Missing the mark with poor students

In response to “CMS vs. Raleigh schools – the stats” (Oct. 8):

Finally, someone in the public eye has acknowledged that family dynamics is a strong predictor of a child’s success both in school and life.

If we continue to ignore the foundational reasons for low student achievement, we’ll never make significant progress.

It is unrealistic and unfair to expect schools to effect significant change without considering the influence of dire family circumstances.

Ellen Martin, Charlotte

CMPD officer should not get back pay

As a former police officer I find it disturbing that some fail to understand that Officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick responded inappropriately to a situation, resulting in the death of an unarmed citizen.

Police work has inherent dangers, but the primary responsibility is to serve and protect and I would not want such a fearful individual as my partner on duty or my protector as a citizen.

He should not get back pay, nor be in uniform.

James McNeil, Indian Trail

Obama making our streets less safe

In response to “Thousands of inmates set for early release” (Oct. 7):

Wow! President Obama’s Justice Department approved the early release of 6,000 mostly “non-violent” drug offenders.

A large portion of property crimes are driven by those seeking money to buy drugs to get high.

Many neighborhoods that were overrun with crime were cleaned up due to the efforts of many brave law enforcement officers, prosecutors and citizens willing to take a stand.

Now the Obama administration is putting those very problems back on the streets for all of America to deal with again.

Shame on you President Obama for making our communities less safe.

David Ramsey, Mooresville

Tea Party helped create this GOP mess

In response to “House speaker race in turmoil” (Oct. 9):

Be careful what you wish for, tea party anarchists.

The chaos is now inside your own ranks and the Republican Party.

Wanting to bring down the president, Hillary Clinton and the entire U.S. government has created its own form of revenge against you and those who’ve joined you.

Jon Schuller, Charlotte

Specifics on gun control? Here’s a list.

In response to “Tell me what sensible gun control means” (Oct. 8 Forum):

Forum writer Luis Arzola asked for concrete proposals on sensible gun control. There are many:

▪ Mandatory background checks, no loopholes, no exceptions.

▪ A national database of all gun purchases.

▪ Firing pin engraving and gunpowder tagging to allow tracking of guns used in crimes.

▪ Require gun dealers to report inventory.

▪ Ban high-capacity magazines; you need to fire 100 rounds rapidly why?

▪ Allow scientific and statistical research on the effects of guns on society.

These are principles we apply to the sale of automobiles, and they are just a few of the many measures we could take to make all of our lives safer without sacrificing our Second Amendment rights.

John Hayes, Rock Hill

Legislators tied our hands on fracking

In response to “N.C. legislation answers local fracking stay” (Oct. 7):

Regulatory agencies in Texas and Oklahoma are taking steps to restrict fracking and regulate its toxic effects, while private citizens are taking legal action and insurance companies are raising rates.

Nevertheless, the N.C. General Assembly inserted a bill, in the middle of the night, that Gov. Pat McCrory approved to keep counties from prohibiting fracking in their communities.

Our elected officials have seen fit to tie the hands of those who would use the democratic process to protect themselves and the environment. What a travesty!

Bill Loesser, Charlotte