Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.12.15

V.H. Patel
V.H. Patel

Developers, not taxpayers, should pay

In response to “Should public spend $4.7M for development?” (Nov. 10):

Pappas Properties wants the city to turn over Greenwood Cliff Drive so they can develop it – and pay $251,000 to move water and sewer lines!

Are you kidding me?

Developers should be mandated to pay for any road improvements necessary before being allowed to develop any property.

They should also be required to fund building of new schools where development adds housing.

Mark my words, if City Council members approve this request they will find themselves out of a job come re-election time.

Herb Price, Charlotte

McCrory, others have failed to act on tolls

In response to “Will toll road rage claim more victims?” (Nov. 11):

Months ago I emailed Gov. Pat McCrory’s office warning that his solid support in North Meck was surely in jeopardy unless he took a leadership role against the tolls.

I got no response, not even a form letter.

Interstate 77 has been a mess for years and is getting worse. It is probably the most regularly clogged/undersized interstate in North Carolina.

It still isn’t too late for action to stop these tolls, but so far the system and some politicians have failed – and the voters know it.

Scott Ellis, Huntersville

How to avoid fine and keep N. Meck happy

Instead of paying a penalty to cancel the contract, keep the contract and use the money to make N.C. 115 a four-lane expressway from Harris Boulevard to Mooresville, with bypasses around Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson.

As an engineer who has worked on highway projects, I believe it is economically and technically feasible. It is a win-win for all.

V.H. Patel, Cornelius

Tail is wagging the dog at universities

In response to “University of Missouri leaders step down” (Nov. 10):

The threat of a football team revolt played a role in the Missouri resignations.

By contract, Missouri would have had to pay Brigham Young $1 million if the team did not play Saturday’s game.

Sports in schools have grown way out of line.

Sports earnings are certainly not reducing tuition. The tail is wagging the dog when the almighty dollar is the controlling factor in running a learning facility.

Bill Brannon, Davidson

A price to pay for eliminating librarians

In response to “Are librarians going the way of the milkman?” (Nov. 8):

As I read about so many schools, especially low-performing schools, not having media specialists, I was increasingly aggravated and enraged at the shortsightedness of our city in all realms of education.

I thought “Don’t they understand the ramifications of all these cutbacks?”

Well, I guess you do, since Tuesday’s headlines were about the need for more police. I expect we’ll soon see an article on the need for more prisons.

Fern Mays, Charlotte

Malls too quick to bow to pressure

In response to “Attention, shoppers: It’s just a tree” (Nov. 10):

I’m a proud Christian, and frankly I don’t care what Starbucks puts on its cups. But the mall’s glacier did upset me.

I’m a bit disappointed that companies and malls allow themselves to be deterred by all these complaints. They should know it’s impossible to please everyone, and that sticking with your beliefs and values is far more important.

Hopefully we’ll get past this silliness and focus more on what the holiday season is really about: caring, kindness, hope, and giving back.

Kennedy Poppler, Harrisburg

Trump, tree, glacier boil down to 1 issue

Théoden Janes’ commentary was a perfect example of why Donald Trump is very popular.

Many people like me are tired of tradition being stomped on and political correctness running amok.

While we’re on the subject, if someone says “happy holidays,” I’ll respond with a thank you and loud “Merry Christmas to you!”

Robert Elmore, Charlotte

Cam’s behavior on banner inexcusable

I am angry, disappointed and embarrassed at the behavior of Cam Newton.

Sportsmanship is important on the field and off.

Snatching the banner from a Green Bay fan is inexcusable and should be punished with a fine and a sincere apology.

Charlotte and Cam are better than that. I want to be as proud of our team and all the players as I am of our city.

Margaret Joseph, Charlotte