Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 11.13.15

Herb Riley
Herb Riley

Put focus on light rail, not toll roads

In response to “Widening I-77 won’t fix root of problem” (Nov. 12 Opinion):

Craig Lewis’ opinion piece is spot-on for the visioning and future of transportation and mobility for the greater Charlotte area.

While state officials and locals discuss whether I-77 should add a toll lane or a free lane, such vision is myopic. It does not matter if toll or free.

Start the Red Line to Lake Norman and get light rail started to Monroe. Dallas has it right.

Herb Riley, Matthews

Honor commitment; save historic gym

In response to “Historic black gym is spared” (Nov. 12):

Shame on the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department for allowing the current conditions at the Waymer Center gym to exist.

Property acquired by this county comes with a direct obligation to maintain it.

This county has money when needed for far lesser obligations when sponsored by influential parties!

Sorry, Parks and Recreation Director Jim Garges – get out your broom and create some dust.

Harold Soutier Sr., Charlotte

Inclusion means accepting differences

In response to “Glaciers, coffee cups and a better way to holiday” (Nov. 12 Opinion):

We all lament the commercialization of the Christmas holidays, however much has been written on the fact that this country was and still is based on a Judeo-Christian ethic.

Governments that have actively tried to stamp out all religion – think Russia and China – are so corrupt that it is difficult to do business in those countries, not to mention the human rights violations.

The U.S. ethos should be that I won’t take offense to your headscarf and you should not be offended by my Christmas tree.

That’s where real inclusion begins.

Gaby Shain, Charlotte

Librarians key to CMS reading success

In response to “Are librarians going the way of the milkman?” (Nov. 8):

I am aghast that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools does not consider school librarians or media specialists essential to the education and literary competence of our children.

CMS already has too many children who cannot meet reading goals.

Some of its poorest schools are the ones that do not have media specialists.

Media specialists are known to excite, mentor and encourage students to read. They are a key member of the whole education journey.

Let’s not continue to destroy our children’s futures.

Lee Bucci, Charlotte

On airport security, look first to Israel

In response to “Egyptian airport has security gaps” (Nov. 8) and related articles:

It is clear that security at airports around the world is not good enough.

There is one country that does take its security very seriously – Israel.

We should be looking at their security model and becoming more like them.

But there are those who say increased U.S. security would invade their rights and be an annoyance.

I think my right to ride safely on an airplane trumps the rights you feel you’d be deprived of.

Brenda Bradshaw, Iron Station

Cam erred; wrong to disrespect any fan

In response to “Cam was right to take banner down” (Nov. 11 Forum) and related articles:

As a big Panthers fan I am deeply disappointed in Cam Newton grabbing the Green Bay fan’s banner.

I have visited several other teams’ stadiums over the years and have been greeted with everything from good-natured teasing to having beers and objects thrown at me.

All players need to remember that it’s the fans who pay their exorbitant salaries, and cheering for the other team isn’t disrespectful.

Treating fans badly is – any team’s fans.

Larry Franzese, Charlotte

Banner snatch just part of the ‘game’

Superman wants to keep “his house” clean and free of opponents’ support? Go Cam!

I think it’s fun, comical even. It’s a game. It’s sports. One team against another.

If you’re brazen enough to display a banner boasting your support for the other team, be ready for the consequences.

Anna Prushinski, Charlotte