Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.01.15

Such a harsh life for N.C. lawmakers

In response to “7 N.C. lawmakers fail to detail payments to themselves” (Nov. 28):

So, Kelly Hastings (R-Cleveland Co.) seeks reimbursement for a bigger TV and a new recliner because he thinks it’s only “fair that (legislators) come down there and live a decent lifestyle.”

Between Hastings’ comment and Craig Horn’s (R-Davidson) recent assertion that General Assembly members need higher salaries, one might think our legislators are among the truly downtrodden. Makes you wonder why they fight so hard (and spend so much) for reelection.

Mary F. Englebert, Statesville

ISIS is the problem, not angry Americans

In response to “Speaker Ryan feeds the fear mongering” (Nov. 27 Forum):

I totally disagree with Craig Kubias’ belief that “there is a far greater danger of terrorist attacks from angry white guys in the country than from ISIS terrorists.” Most Americans of all stripes will fight to defend our country, but there are cowards and patty cake folks that would not defend a Myrtle Beach invasion.

ISIS terrorists are the problem, not the NRA and angry Americans. Perhaps Mr. Kubias will provide his head to the chopping block and be the first ISIS beheading in his area.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Pay attention to what ISIS wants

If little Johnny comes in from the playground and tells you Bobby hit him and your first statement is to go back out there and hit him back, then you are also probably one of those people that want to bomb others or send our troops into battle without knowing why.

If you learn that ISIS wants us to bomb them because that helps them recruit more jihadists and makes us spend our money, then you might also learn that diplomacy and restraint might work better to stop them. And those are just what our president is attempting to use.

David Hawk, Rock Hill

A double standard with France, Israel

The writer is the cantor at Temple Israel of Charlotte:

ISIS vows to impose on western civilization a Shariah-based caliphate. They commit mass murder in the Sinai, Lebanon and France. France retaliates with force and is (rightfully) cheered for doing so.

Hamas is sworn, in its constitution, to destroy Israel. Over time, they fire thousands of missiles into Israel. But Israel is urged by its allies to “show restraint.” Then, when Israel finally retaliates, as it did in the summer of 2014, it is called an aggressor, and the media hold them accountable for every “collateral” death.

Does anyone besides me see a double standard here?

Elias Roochvarg, Charlotte

Don’t dignify racist team names

In response to “Politically neutral on Redskins” (Nov. 25):

I am disappointed by Keith Larson’s column. As one with Cherokee ancestry, I consider that ridiculous name offensive and I applaud the Observer for the policy of not dignifying that racist team name in the sports pages!

West McLeod, Charlotte

Misinformation at the tolls summit

I attended the “Toll Road Summit” last Monday and was disgusted by the misinformation offered by spokespeople like commissioner Jim Puckett. They displayed old traffic data, erroneous contract claims and uninformed views on driver behavior.

N.C. Department of Transportation Secretary Nick Tennyson is correct when he says untolled lanes will lead to more congestion. Fast reliable buses could operate on the toll lanes and only a form of transit can correct current and future congestion. Isn’t it time for a modern, clean and efficient transportation system?

Roger Diedrich, Huntersville

An amazing story of friends, dedication

In response to “How two Michaels lifted each other up” (Nov. 25):

My search for Theoden Janes’ column was shorter than usual this morning. Mr. Janes was on the Thanksgiving edition of the Charlotte Observer’s front page hitting it out of the park with an amazing article about two amazing men.

Reading it gives one pause to reflect on the importance of friendship and endurance regardless of the circumstances.

The men’s smiles, their kidding around, and the story of their dedication to fitness are inspiration for us to be so very grateful for our friends and physical abilities.

Gail Austin, Concord