Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.09.15

Frank Koconis
Frank Koconis

If Trump is nominee, GOP will lose me

In response to “Trump: Bar all Muslims from entering the U.S.” (Dec. 8):

I am a Republican, but after Donald Trump’s latest racist idea to completely ban Muslims from entering the U.S. there is NO way I can vote for him.

I believe Republican economic policies are best for this country, but we simply cannot have someone who is that bigoted in the White House.

If he is the Republican candidate, I will vote for whoever is running against him – even if it’s Hillary Clinton.

Frank Koconis, Matthews

In Trump, voters see someone who will act

With the latest remarks from Donald Trump creating talking points for the left and mainstream media, it’s clear they are on the defensive.

Whether Trump secures the GOP nomination remains to be seen. What is true, though, is that Muslim leaders in this country and elsewhere are not confronting the violence perpetrated by their own due to tolerance or being afraid.

The left and media support the president’s inability to lead, therefore, many finally see someone who will do something.

The establishments on both sides are scared, but masking it through attacks on Trump.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Bigotry no path to the White House

It is hard to know what is scarier – whether Donald Trump actually believes we should bar all adherents to the Muslim faith from entering our country, or whether he and his advisers – presumably after studying the issue – believe that overt bigotry presents the best path to the White House.

Adam L. Ross, Charlotte

Easier to tackle gun issue than terrorism

I’ll tell you why everyone is proposing gun control regulations. It’s because anyone can write rules that will reduce the number of guns available to people who shouldn’t have them.

Finding an end to terrorism eludes the best legislators, diplomats, and military.

William C. Barnes, Charlotte

Keep out crime; make public housing gated

The writer is a former Charlotte City Council member.

In the mid ’90s, the Charlotte City Council was told that much of the crime in public housing projects was committed by people who did not live there.

I made the proposal that all public housing be gated and require all those entering to have an electronic card. My proposal was branded racist and ignored.

This might be a good time to revisit this idea! I have not heard of crime problems in other gated communities in Charlotte.

If it is good enough for Seven Eagles, it sure ought to be good enough for public housing.

Don Reid, Charlotte

Fund child care to help reduce poverty

In response to “Mecklenburg task force turns to community for poverty fixes” (Dec. 7):

The writer is on the Child Care Resources board.

I was pleased to see Mecklenburg County’s task force on poverty cite “access to quality child care” as important to brain development for children living in poverty.

Scores of studies identify high quality early education as critical to development and future success.

Affordable child care is also essential for low-income parents to work.

Charlotte-based Child Care Resources, Inc., administers federal, state and local subsidies to care for about 6,000 children, but another 5,000 children whose families qualify for help are on CCRI’s waiting list due to lack of funds.

Serving all eligible children would cost an additional $30 million per year.

Expensive, yes, but with its two-prong attack on the cycle of poverty, what better investment could we make?

Cathy Roche, Charlotte

Panthers make good uptown neighbors

On my daily jog around Bank of America Stadium Sunday afternoon, I was amazed at the cleanliness of the complex. You would never know that 74,000 people trashed the place Saturday night.

Thank you, Panthers, for being such a good neighbor.

Terry McFadden, Charlotte

Thanks, Tom, for years of great stories

My husband and I were reminded again Monday how much we will miss Tom Sorensen’s columns.

He is such a good writer and advocate for Charlotte and regional athletics, and we will miss that.

We send our appreciation to Tom in his last week on the staff and to the other excellent Sports page reporters. Thank you all for your expertise and hard work.

Adelaide Davis, Charlotte