Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 12.13.15

Jack Hankins
Jack Hankins

Dismayed by new mayor’s latest tactics

In response to “Roberts removes Fallon, Kinsey from committee leader posts” (Dec. 11):

It hasn’t taken Mayor Jennifer Roberts long to expose herself for what she really is.

First she runs on a platform promoting education, an area where the mayor has no control and little influence.

Then, she hardly gets her chair warm before she starts taking out those who supported her capable predecessor.

Roberts is nothing more than a career politician interested in advancing herself. Where is the vision for Charlotte?

I hope she proves me wrong, but I’m not optimistic.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

New logo portrays all that’s good about N.C.

In response to “A logo that should have been a no-go?” (Dec. 11 Opinion):

In my opinion it’s a great logo, one that symbolizes all that North Carolina has to offer.

When I originally saw the billboard I didn’t see one tree, but a state full of trees and beautiful landscape.

Those who see only one tree are not understanding the dynamics behind the “Nothing Compares” slogan. Nothing compares to North Carolina’s beauty and all it has to offer, from white sandy beaches to picturesque mountain towns.

Like many others, I’d love to buy apparel with that logo! Great job!

Debbie Segal, Charlotte

High Point University perks are excessive

In response to “High Point University president among highest-paid in the nation” (Dec. 10):

High Point University’s president is among the highest paid in the nation.

High Point University “has also built a reputation for catering to its students with a fine dining restaurant, hot tubs, free laundry and other amenities.”


What kind of values are they teaching there? I would not send my kid there if it were free.

Frank Bradshaw, Matthews

Ban Trump suggests might save U.S. lives

In response to Kevin Siers’ Dec. 9 Donald Trump cartoon.

Call Donald Trump controversial, call him ignorant, call him whatever you want, but to compare him to the KKK is ludicrous and way out of line.

We are at war with ISIS and radical Islam. I don’t know about everyone else, but I can’t tell the difference between a radical Muslim and a good, law-abiding Muslim.

I haven’t heard anything out of President Obama that even remotely sounds like he has an idea of how to deal with ISIS.

Please don’t compare Trump to the KKK for suggesting an idea that might actually save lives.

Tripp Cherry, Matthews

Sad to see Trump strategy succeed

Donald Trump’s vitriol stokes the embers of anger, bigotry, hatred, racism and intolerance in many people.

The resulting media coverage provides free campaign advertising and his poll numbers continue to soar.

This strategy is brilliant for its simplicity, and unfortunately could win him the White House.

Joseph J. Salerno, Charlotte

U.S. must give Kurds better weapons

Please, supply the Kurds with quality weaponry, which they don’t receive currently.

They are willing fighters. Give them the opportunity to retake Mosul and Kirkuk, both Kurd cities.

This will starve ISIS of finances. It will also help the Kurds to liberate larger areas of Iraq.

Severin Jacobsen, Indian Trail

Welcome to the age of self-absorption

In response to “Danger! Don’t text and walk” (Dec. 10):

The devotees of hand-held ego boosters are so passionate in their pursuit of “feel good” from their phone that the rest of their concerns in life appear irrelevant and pale.

I don’t believe the Fed’s $2 million will much help at all to wean them off the strongest need pervasive in today’s society: to calm a pathological hyper-demand for attention.

We’re in the golden age of self-absorption, and even the experts’ advice: “Look where you’re going. Look in front of you, not at your phone” – however penetrating and startling in its insight – won’t have the slightest impact on the epidemic.

Michael E. White, Charlotte