Letters to the Editor

Does Cam Newton’s unwed fatherhood set a bad example?

Cam should marry his son’s mother

In response to “The Chosen One: baby will change Cam’s life (Jan. 1):

So the man whom we celebrate, and with good reason, has produced a son. Congratulations would be in order if he had been man enough to marry the mother of his child and make a home. This happy occasion is blighted when Cam, whose own parents were married, skips the very basis of being a good parent.

I am just very sorry and very disappointed.

Patricia S. Broderick, Mooresville

Unwed fatherhood sets bad example

It is amazing that the birth of Cam Newton’s son by his girlfriend is a front-page story. The U.S. is seeing a rise in unmarried births and for the media to flash this as the greatest happening for Cam Newton is contrary to today’s family principles.

Cam is a role model to many of our young males, both white and black. The least that he and his longtime girlfriend could have done is to get married prior to giving birth to show his followers that not only is he a superstar, but also a person with high morals.

Thomas Uhl, Mooresville

Salute Cam for putting family first

Editor’s note: Cam Newton left practice early to go to Atlanta for his son’s birth.

Kudos to Cam for putting fatherhood first, then football. He had a great role model who helped make him the fine young man he is today. Like him, I wish all males could have that father figure in their lives.

I can’t wait to see Chosen dabbin’!

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte (President of KidsNeed2Parents)

Cyclists won’t be pushed to the curb

In response to “Better rules for bikers, drivers (Jan. 2 Editorial):

I tell my children to ride visibly on the road, keep eye contact with other traffic participants and use acute judgment. We have had only courteous exchanges with cars, bikers and pedestrians.

So, while N.C. DOT is listening to rural legislators and their desire to pass laws that endanger cyclists by ignorantly pushing them to the curb, I think (1) CDOT has figured out that a cycling community benefits the economy (not only attracting young talent) and (2) cyclists will not let themselves be pushed to the edge. Our force – and happiness – is increasing exponentially. Come join us for a ride!

Karin Lukas-Cox, Charlotte

Why are we letting Iran bully the U.S.?

In response to “‘Provocative’ rockets buzz aircraft carrier (Dec. 31):

We now have Iranians firing rockets over our ships in the Strait of Hormuz, the passageway for global oil supplies. They obviously know we will not retaliate.

In July, President Obama penned a nuclear deal with Iran completely one-sided in the Iranians’ favor. Could it be that senior adviser to Obama Valerie Jarrett (born in Shiraz, Iran) has muddled our president’s thought process?

The foxes have moved into the hen houses and nobody cares.

Dickie Benzie, Charlotte

TV ads ruin college football bowl games

I have been a football fan, especially college football, for more than 60 years. I find the bowl season a great feast for my appetite. However, Clemson and Oklahoma took nearly four hours! I gave up on the Alabama/Michigan State game.

Commercial breaks extend game time to such an extent that it becomes wearisome. I fear television is driving people away.

Dexter Greene, Charlotte

Moral outrage can cut both ways

If the Observer is so upset with the fact Gastonia is violating federal law regarding U-Visas, then it should be equally upset Charlotte acts as a ‘sanctuary city’ for illegal aliens. Please be more even-handed and consistent with your moral outrage from here on out.

James T. Parker, Gastonia

2015 meant good music, at least

In my humble opinion, there was not much to savor in 2015 except for Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday celebrations, Lady Gaga’s amazing performance at the Academy Awards show and the “Peggy King and the All-Star Jazz Trio – Songs a la King” CD marking the return of the jazz singer after 36 years and sounding better than ever!

Herb Stark, Mooresville