Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 01.13.16

Chris Turner
Chris Turner

I blame Gov. McCrory for this toll mess

In response to “City Council votes to back I-77 toll lanes” (Jan. 12):

Gov. Pat McCrory backed our City Council into a corner.

The state was responsible for this outlandish contract. I would have thought more highly of our governor if he had owned this mistake and taken steps to resolve it.

Instead, he put his political future first with no real regard for our city and county’s future transportation vision.

Blame should not be placed on our City Council.

Chris Turner, Charlotte

Taxpayers spoke, but Council didn’t listen

I am shocked and appalled that local officials backed I-77 toll lanes.

In December the City of Charlotte received one of its largest petitions in history, yet our elected officials are neglecting taxpayer concerns and actions.

I smell crony capitalism.

Thank you for providing a 50-year economic disaster for the Charlotte metro area.

Traci Cockerham, Charlotte

Troubled by images from Trump rally

In response to “Trump in S.C.: ‘We’re led by stupid people’ ” (Jan. 9):

I watched images of the Trump rally – a man spewing hate and distrust, with the crowd responding back with their own vitriolic chanting, like a Greek chorus from Hell.

Is this really what the Tea Party wanted? Is this their vision of America – a small, petty, divided nation? Is this America the “City on a Hill” their demi-god Reagan called for?

Is this nation what you wish for your children?

Look at the images of yourselves; those faces twisted in anger, mouths screaming for the blood of fellow Americans.

If this is what America has become, then I weep for you and I weep for America.

Michael L. Ham, Matthews

Glad to see Franklin rally Christian voters

In response to “Graham’s tour will try to rally conservative Christian voters” (Jan. 3):

Many of us have been hoping that someone with authority would encourage all the churches in America to pray for the right president to lead our country in the right direction.

The morals of our country have declined in the last few years, as you can see by all the killings, rape, theft, abortions, same-sex marriage, etc.

When our leaders took away the Ten Commandments and anything referring to God or the Bible, things started to change for the worse.

Our young people are growing up without a good reference of what is right or wrong.

Merlin Giddings, Waxhaw

A mistake to reject sports complex

In response to “Lincoln board votes against proposed sports complex” (Jan. 8):

Before they vote Jan. 25, Lincoln County commissioners should look no further than the Riverwalk sports complex in Rock Hill, S.C.

There was trepidation about the project until it was built – in the middle of the Riverwalk community, mind you – and it has become the biggest and best project the city has ever done.

Objections to the Whitehouse Extreme Sports Park are shortsighted, speculative, and jeopardize a promising amenity for this community.

Spencer Lueders, Charlotte

I’m new here; N.C.’s roadsides are a mess

Being a recent transplant from Michigan I’m appalled at the amount of roadside litter that I see almost everywhere.

It’s a shame that some people think of your beautiful state as their own personal trash can.

Apparently, state litter laws either aren’t strong enough or are not being enforced to the fullest.

Maybe programs can be implemented where able-bodied people who are about to lose their food stamps either volunteer their 20 hours or become full-time employees picking up trash.

Fred Heathcock, Concord

Remember, Panthers: hands over hearts

Please, please, please, Panthers, place your hand over your heart during our national anthem.

The camera is on each and every one of you, and America is watching. It is very disrespectful to spit, dance around and chat when our national anthem is being played.

We have a great team and a lot of great guys. Let’s show everyone that Charlotte has a No. 1 team in all respects.

Cherry Myers, Charlotte