Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.04.16

Sheila Peltzer
Sheila Peltzer

Vote ‘yes’ on bond, UNC system needs it

In response to “I’ve always supported bonds, but maybe not this time” (March 3 Opinion):

UNC Charlotte has a science building built for a student body of 15,000. Currently there are over 28,000 students enrolled.

Since 46 percent of the UNC System growth over the past six years has been at Charlotte, I don’t think anyone in his right mind would consider the $90 million request for a new science building to be “a veritable Christmas tree.”

Higher education, as well as the other requests in the bond, need your YES vote!

Frank Jones, Stella, N.C.

Find political will to stop funding tourney

In response to Our View “Shooting doesn’t define CIAA tourney” (March 1 Editorial):

Observer editors point out Charlotte-Mecklenburg “reaps $2.1 million in county tax collections.”

What they omit is that the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority gives the CIAA $1.9 million in tax-derived dollars. So actually, the city/county “reaps” a net $200,000.

Unfortunately, it will take more than a random automatic weapon attack in downtown to inspire the political will to stop funding this CIAA event.

Steve Monroe, Charlotte

GOP establishment helps boost Trump

The GOP establishment wants voters to deny Donald Trump the nomination because he doesn’t fit their mold or expectations.

Yet, the GOP also promoted John McCain and Mitt Romney.

How’d that go?

Perhaps those in power need to realize they are as much a part of the problem as those in Washington who do nothing.

The more they push, the more Trump supporters push back and expand his base.

Floyd Prophet, Kannapolis

Media shares blame; it fed Trump frenzy

The media needs to take much of the blame for the rise of Trump.

Perhaps if he had been allowed to fade into obscurity, he largely would have been ignored.

Instead, he is on every cable news channel ad nauseam and the print media can’t get enough of him.

Now the public has bought into his empty threats and promises. The world is laughing at us.

Linda J. Brooks, Charlotte

Both parties failing to represent voters

Note to the Republican Party: Did you ever stop to think you may well be obsolete? And maybe the Democratic Party also.

Neither party bothers to represent the American people anymore.

The only thing you represent is your bank accounts, your egos, and your health care, partially subsidized by taxpayers – the same ones who’ve had Obamacare crammed down their throat.

Things have changed and you seem unwilling to change with it. Be smarter to get on board now.

Brenda Bradshaw, Iron Station

What’s next for us? President Kanye?

In response to “From Lincoln to Trump: Republican Party is dead” (March 4 Opinion):

Leroy Goldman may have a point about the Republican Party – time will tell.

However, this is also about the alarming rise of the cult of celebrity in every aspect of our lives.

We may reach a point where politicians will no longer be lawyers, but required to have a hit show.

We are living more and more in a dumbed-down fantasy world where everyone wants to be a star, and we are so clueless we think that means stars should run the country!

Look out Democrats, after Trump can President Kanye be far behind?

Diane Eaton, Indian Trail

U.S. owes Mideast refugees safe haven

In response to “Backlash breaks out as camp is torn down” (March 1):

Destroying shelters of those in Calais, France who are destitute refugees from war is a cruel demonstration to them that they are unwanted.

The war they flee is largely a result of misguided foreign policies by the U.S. and European nations that put access to Middle Eastern oil ahead of the human rights of those who lived there.

It is now the responsibility of western nations, including our country, to provide those refugees the safe haven they deserve.

Joe Burton, Raleigh

Malachi Greene always so welcoming

I was dismayed to read of the death of former Charlotte City Council member Malachi Greene.

I am a white grandmother and a regular attendee of the Tuesday Breakfast Forum, whose audience is primarily black. Malachi always had a warm hug and sweet smile for me, and I shall miss him.

He was a true gentleman.

Sheila Peltzer, Charlotte