Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.14.16

Let clean water take priority over profits

In response to “Why we shouldn’t trust Duke Energy’s plan on coal ash” (March 11 Opinion):

It is truly unfortunate that political shenanigans continue to allow imminent dangers to the local water basin to persist.

I am retired and partially rely upon Duke Energy’s stock dividend to live. But without a clean and safe water supply not I nor anyone else will be able to live in the Charlotte area.

It’s a matter of a little less profit now for a lot more potential in the future.

Action must be taken immediately.

Recent events in nearby areas have shown that time is of the essence, and it’s time to stop making excuses.

Jeffrey Beck, Charlotte

Will public’s voice be heard on schools?

In response to “Neighborhood schools outrank diversity on CMS survey” (March 11) and related articles:

Results of the CMS survey clearly show that 86 percent of respondents rated having schools close to home as either very or extremely important.

Yet, some seem to question the validity of these results. Comments online and on TV about the mobilization of suburban parents against assignment change and talk of “stuffing the ballot box” imply that the results are not a valid representation of parents’ desires.

But what about the big push over the past year by OneMeck, UNC Charlotte, and other advocacy groups to persuade the public that we should return to busing?

Interesting that even with all the media attention these groups have received the community appears to be standing firmly behind schools close to home.

Sharon Starks, Charlotte

CMPD officers followed procedure

In response to “Why police brutality keeps happening” (March 10 Forum):

Forum writer Rudy Abrams seems unwilling to recognize that a person’s behavior toward police can drastically alter the outcome.

The suspect in this case was refusing to comply with officers’ commands to put his hands behind his back. Instead, he kept his hands at his waist, where most concealed weapons are found.

The officer struck soft tissue to force the man to release his clenched arms. This is an approved tactic and does not cause long-term injury.

Had the man complied, we would not be talking about him. Have respect for the law, and they will respect you back.

Yes, there are instances where officers go too far, but stop with the knee-jerk reactions that make it sound like all officers commit brutality.

Christopher Lee, Concord

If I were boss, I’d fire Cruz and Rubio

Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio claim that if elected they will make America great.

They use pictures of blue-collar workers and vets.

Yet, they have been in the Senate where they could have made an impact on those two groups.

Marco shows up for votes in the Senate 41 percent of the time, and Ted has nothing on his resume to prove his worth.

If they worked in a regular job, as a manager I would fire both of them.

David Hawk, Rock Hill

Clinton’s answers on her emails fall flat

Over her four years as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had to originate thousands of emails.

Her only defense has been that she did not send or receive any messages marked “classified.”

But she obviously sent many messages that could have been picked up by our enemies that may not have been marked classified yet.

She keeps saying Colin Powell did the same thing.

Well, no, he did not. She is the only one to have set up her own service.

Her answers to this serious security breach fall flat.

Dick Meyer, Charlotte

Are Clinton, Trump the best we can do?

For decades Americans have been frustrated with politicians and with the federal government.

We joke about the dishonest senators and congressmen and women, and the single-digit approval rating Congress now has reflects this.

So it should not surprise anyone that we have two likely candidates for president, one is a businessman of questionable morality and a purveyor of vicious and filthy language.

The other candidate is being investigated by the FBI and has a history of being challenged by the truth.

This is the best we can do?

Ken Randall, Matthews