Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 03.16.16


Busing isn’t only way to achieve diversity

In response to “Will public’s voice be heard on schools?” (March 14 Forum):

The writers are co-chairs of OneMECK.

For the record, OneMECK has never advocated a return to busing, or any other specific student assignment plan. A wide variety of tools have been used in other districts, among them combined school attendance zones, paired schools, adjusted school boundaries, and full or partial magnets. We hope CMS will use a variety of strategies to guide an effective new CMS pupil assignment plan.

Barry Sherman and Justin Perry, Charlotte

Better targets for ICE than lawful teens

In response to “Controversial arrests net Charlotte immigrant teens” (March 13):

I was astounded and saddened when I read your article concerning the arrests of immigrant teens by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. The United States has a history of welcoming people who have fled their homeland for a better life in the U.S. This country was built by people of all religions and races.

Why hunt down young people who are here for the many opportunities the U.S. offers? Deport those who are trafficking women and children and those who are selling illegal drugs instead.

Ann Rowe, Charlotte

Lutheran shouldn’t protest Trump

In response to “Hickory braces for Donald Trump rally” (March 14):

As a Lutheran and an American who believes strongly in the separation of church and state, I am very troubled that Lutheran Bishop Timothy Marcus Smith stated he would disrupt a Donald Trump rally while wearing his clerical collar and his bishop’s cross.

I am not a Trump supporter but he has a right to hold a peaceful rally and express his views without being disrupted, as do all candidates. Bishop Smith does not represent the views of the average Lutheran nor does he represent the views of the average American. He is a man who has lost his way both as an American and as a Lutheran.

Jim Van Meerten, Charlotte

Protesters could pay price in long run

In response to “Why we chanted what we did at the Donald Trump rally” (March 10):

Parents and teachers need to advise these young protesters of the potential consequences of illegally interrupting political rallies and being arrested. Having an arrest on your record, and your face posted all over social media, can have dire consequences later when applying for jobs and security clearances. There are plenty of other legal and responsible ways to express your views without jeopardizing future employment options. Jobs are difficult enough to find.

David Stout, Davidson

Proud of Davidson students’ protest

Political speakers should have the right to say what they think unless their words provoke their followers to physical violence, which Mr. Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric seems to have. Under circumstances such as occurred at his rally in Concord, I’m proud that fellow Davidsonians stood up for peace over violence and empathy and inclusion over hostility and divisiveness.

Tom Caldwell, Monroe

Fallon wrong to target Hannan

In response to “Mayfield wants panel to explore discipline for colleague Fallon” (March 11):

I was distressed to read about a Charlotte City Council member’s efforts to terminate Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan. Jon has been a superb public servant throughout his 38 year career with the Fire Department, and an excellent chief during the past 12 years.

Even if that were not true, I think it highly inappropriate for individual City Council members to wage “employment” campaigns of this sort in the media.

I attribute Charlotte’s many decades of good government in large measure to our Council-Manager system; I am concerned that this episode may represent an unwise departure from that good system.

Richard A. Vinroot, Charlotte

Leave clocks alone, let kids wake to light

Let’s do away with moving our clocks forward and backward and leave the time alone.

These poor school children don’t need to be facing the dark in springtime, not to mention the rest of us!

Felicia Lee, Charlotte