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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 04.01.16

Philip Van Hoy
Philip Van Hoy

For me, this is not about lost revenue

In response to “CRVA: New LGBT law is deterring conventions” (March 29):

I don’t give a darn what San Francisco’s mayor thinks or does on this issue.

As a taxpayer, I’ve paid enough homage to the NBA by subsidizing construction of the arena.

Do you really believe the CRVA, or others, would be as passionately concerned about this issue if money were not involved?

The question of money should not be mentioned in the same breath as the issue. To do so is to prostitute the issue.

Charles Newton, Charlotte

Don’t criminalize LGBT, hurt economy

I am an a accomplished, educated RN whose dream it was to move to your beautiful state, and I did 18 months ago.

Your overtly bigoted ruling against our LGBT residents and visitors to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist is a disgrace.

These people are not criminals or child molesters because of their sexual identity. They’re human beings, neighbors, family members, consumers and taxpayers.

I live in the western part of the state where wages are terribly low and tourism is our life blood. We cannot afford to suffer the consequences and possible increase in taxes to offset the ramifications of this terrible legislation.

I implore you to rise above the noise, think rationally and change this.

Stephanie Connor, Hayesville

Cooper’s defiance makes him a scofflaw

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper has announced that he will not defend HB2 in the ACLU’s lawsuit, in defiance of the requirements of his office.

He has not resigned either.

Our chief law enforcement official, by definition, is a scofflaw.

Philip Van Hoy, Charlotte

Cooper only doing what magistrates did

There have been multiple individuals saying Roy Cooper should resign if he is not going to do his job by defending HB2.

Are some people and politicians operating under different standards when it’s OK for magistrates to refuse to do their jobs by not issuing marriage licenses or marrying LGBT couples?

If you call for his resignation you should then fire the magistrates or force them to resign also.

Chris Turner, Charlotte

N.C. GOP overstates bathroom threat

In the many years I have used men’s public restrooms, I have never been approached by a person with female on her birth certificate.

Perhaps my experience is anecdote rather than evidence, but I wonder how vast the problem is of dirty old men seeking vulnerable girls in women’s restrooms.

Not nearly so great, I suspect, as the Republicans in the N.C. legislature would have us believe.

Tim Mead, Charlotte

Tell lawmakers to help N.C. go solar

When the N.C. General Assembly meets this April, elected officials will be the ones to decide whether or not solar will be a priority for the state.

Business owners, students and many others have already shown their support for solar, but we must reach out to our elected officials as well.

We must urge them to reinstate the renewable energy tax credit and support creative financing options for solar, such as third-party sales.

Together, we can help North Carolina go solar!

Brooke Ganser, Waxhaw

Trump’s a victim, has right to speak freely

The overwhelming narrative of the print and TV media is to blame Donald Trump for the violence at his rallies.

It is the moral equivalent of blaming the rape victim, rather than the rapist.

These protests are extremely well organized by radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and MoveOn.org.

The real victim is the First Amendment in general and Trump in particular.

Robert Cassell Jr., Charlotte

River District project photo misleading

In response to “Ballantyne scale project planned near river, airport” (March 31):

While I appreciate the Observer’s detailed coverage of the proposed River District development between the airport and Catawba River, the front-page use of a 3-year-old file photo of me walking my property was misleading.

My land is not part of the proposal, and I in no way endorse the project before I have much more information.

Sue Friday, Charlotte