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Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.06.16

Lin Robinson
Lin Robinson

Time to end this, Gov. McCrory

In response to “Feds: N.C.’s House Bill 2 violates Civil Rights Act” (May 5):

OK, Gov. Pat McCrory and the General Assembly, it’s time to end this.

House Bill 2 runs afoul of federal law. The feds have control of the purse strings and are not afraid to pull them closed.

You have already done severe damage to the education system in North Carolina, but more will occur if you do not repeal this short-sighted and certainly illegal law.

Politicians are concerned about legacy. Consider what yours will be if you don’t move – now – to correct your error.

Lin Robinson, Shelby

Religion, morality are pillars of society

While reading the current issue of Decision Magazine, a publication of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, I came to a page entitled “The Pillars of Society.”

On it was a quote taken from a letter written by George Washington to clergy in and near Philadelphia in March 1797. It said: “religion and morality are the essential pillars of civil society.”

Take that and smoke it in your pipes LGBT, Freedom from Religion, and all you others who don’t value truth and justice.

John Tignor, Indian Land, S.C.

Get your facts straight, governor

Gov. McCrory went on a national radio show, and accompanied by guffaws from John Boy and Billy, stated that only 8,000 tickets had been sold for the Springsteen concert.

He insinuated that was the reason Springsteen canceled.

The Greensboro coliseum must wonder where McCrory obtained his information. Their records indicate 15,000 tickets were sold and fewer than 100 remained.

Valerie Lewis, Denver, N.C.

A vote for Trump nullifies 1 for Hillary

Barack Obama promised to change America. People heard eloquence and ignored his promises. America went down.

Donald Trump promises to make America great again. People hear his crudeness, won’t vote for him, and ignore his promise.

The more non-voting Republicans, the better chance for Hillary and the Democrat agenda, which will grow government, shrink freedom, allow Islamic terrorism to spread, and thus weaken America.

Ed Mesko, Charlotte

Even on a good day, Trump is lacking

Having thoughtful, knowledgeable candidates from which to choose is the basis of our free society.

How did the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower ever come to choose Donald Trump, who even on his best days, displays blatant ignorance of both domestic and international affairs?

Even if you’re not a Hillary Clinton supporter, she at least has a grasp of the pressing issues of the day and experience in dealing with them.

Amy Keith, Charlotte

Stop sticking it to property owners

In response to “Small increase in property tax proposed to add more police” (May 3):

I’m for adding police officers, but not for making only property owners pay to provide it for everyone.

Surely there is another tax proposal that distributes that burden more fairly among all who avail themselves of this city – renters, commuters and property owners.

The “go to” answer shouldn’t always be sticking it to property owners by raising property taxes!

Karen Rosenheimer, Charlotte

Spend on streets, sidewalks, not glitz

That Charlotte’s leaders are discussing spending $33 million to update an underutilized streetcar epitomizes why our country has problems.

Like their counterparts elsewhere, they prefer using funds for glitzy purposes rather than for the repair of sidewalks, streets, and other infrastructure needs.

Apparently, they’d rather ignore badly needed updates and instead boast about streetcar modernization.

John Mangieri, Charlotte

Keep close track of how many eagles die

In response to “New federal rule would permit thousands of eagle deaths” (May 4):

I am reluctant to voice support for this proposed rule as I am concerned it will kill eagles more quickly than they can be born.

However, using as much clean energy as possible is crucial for protecting the future of our nation, and I would be willing to tolerate this if the bald eagle population is closely monitored.

Sam Quarles, Charlotte