Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor 05.08.16

Ed Hinson
Ed Hinson

Sound you hear is N.C. jobs going south

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley declined to be drawn into the ridiculous squabble about bathrooms and wisely led her state to furl the old Confederate battle flag.

Haley and other S.C. leaders more often keep their eyes on the prize of attracting good business and jobs, while Gov. McCrory and our legislature mire us in unnecessary controversies, costing jobs and money.

Message to Raleigh: The sucking noise on the southern border is the sound of our economy moving south.

Ed Hinson, Charlotte

Everybody got it wrong on HB2

What a mess! First City Council enacted the unnecessary bathroom ordinance to pander to a vocal constituency and address a nonexistent problem.

The legislature took the bait and hurriedly passed the overreaching HB2.

Overpaid entertainers and hypocritical companies showcased their political correctness by punishing average North Carolinians economically for the legislature’s transgression.

Now faceless, unelected bureaucrats in the Obama administration ridiculously threaten to punish millions of N.C. students by withholding billions in federal education funding.

Please call time out.

Steven P. Nesbit, Charlotte

HB2 is all about big government control

The emergency session called to harass North Carolinians in bathrooms was wasteful, shameful!

Pushed through by our safely gerrymandered legislature and signed by Gov. McCrory, HB2 promotes discrimination – and other big problems.

It undermines workplace protections, eliminating worker rights to sue in state courts over discrimination. It removes the ability of local governments to self-determine additional protections.

So, no “big government” control? Ladies, next time there is a line at your bathroom, remember it’s illegal to use the men’s. 911 – Potty Police!

Mark Allen, Charlotte

McCrory misses the point about Paypal

When Gov. McCrory complains about Paypal doing business in Singapore and Sudan, he misses the point.

Of course it is reasonable to object to a company doing business in places with human rights issues, but Paypal is not choosing Sudan over Charlotte.

They are planning an operations center in the U.S. – and why would they choose North Carolina over other states that also want their business but don’t allow discrimination?

Steve Larson, Charlotte

Lighten up about Cinco de Mayo tweet

To the critics who called the Wells Fargo Championship Cinco de Mayo tweet racist: Get a life!

The tweet was meant to be fun and celebrate a popular date in another culture. It was not at all intended to be racist or offensive.

When you expect everyone else to think, feel and act as you do, you will always be disappointed and angry at someone. Lighten up and embrace the freedom we all should have to express ourselves.

Elise Canipe, Huntersville

City should withdraw toll lane support

In response to Our View “Denver shows regional transit value” (May 4 Editorial):

Charlotte city officials want to develop regional cooperation – now is the opportunity.

The city should begin by reversing past actions of supporting the I-77 toll lanes. A bill to do just that – HB 954 – is in Raleigh now.

If City Council and the Charlotte Area Transit System show their support for its passage, it will begin a new era of regional cooperation.

John Stritch, Mooresville

Bank behavior, fines should outrage us

Bank of America and Wells Fargo have racked up millions in fines over the past several years with little chagrin demonstrated by the banks or the citizens of this town.

The latest incident involves collusion in rate-fixing, with BofA paying $50 million and Wells Fargo still a defendant.

As before, the banks simply pay without admitting guilt.

John H. Clark, Charlotte

Do something about Ballantyne billboard

There is a new billboard at the theater entrance to Ballantyne Village. It was hard to miss while dining outdoors there.

It looks like the type you see on I-95 obnoxiously flashing South of the Border-type ads. It was so bright and constantly flashing that those around me were complaining.

Awful does not even begin to describe the experience.

I wish there was something that could be done. Until then I will not be returning.

Jack Powell, Waxhaw