Letters to the Editor

I’m going to college out of state to get away from N.C. politics

N.C. politics have me fleeing for college

The politics in North Carolina – HB2 and more – have bothered high school students significantly.

As a graduating senior, my college choice was largely affected by the politics here.

Even though I got into several N.C. schools, I consciously chose an out-of-state school to separate myself from this state and the childish government policies.

Alana Stillitano, Matthews

Not too late to cancel future light-rail plans

In response to “In South End, some pick Uber over light rail” (June 6):

Light rail in Charlotte was a bad idea from the start. It’s an even worse idea now with the popularity and success of Uber.

Politicians in the N.C. House made a great decision passing a bill to cancel the I-77 toll lanes.

It’s not too late to make another great decision by canceling future light-rail plans.

Please don’t hook the taxpayers of this region for the next 50 years by building another unnecessary light rail.

Tripp Cherry, Matthews

Judge’s legal chops matter more to me

I voted Tuesday in Union County. On the way in there was this nice man who handed me a card telling me who to vote for.

It said I should vote for a particular judge because he was the only true conservative running for N.C. Supreme Court.

And all this time I thought our court system was supposed to render fair and impartial judgments.

Couldn’t I have made a more informed choice had I been told something of his legal background?

Craig Newsome, Matthews

Ali is no hero after refusing to serve

In response to “World remembers ‘The Greatest’ ” (June 5):

Last week – Memorial Day to D-Day – we honored those who willingly sacrificed their lives to serve their nation.

This week we praise someone as “The Greatest” who refused to serve his nation in the armed forces and we label him a hero.


Frank Bynum, Fort Mill, S.C.

America owes a debt to Muhammad Ali

Grandson of a slave in America, where a black man could not look a white man in the eye, you not only looked him in the eye you poked him in the eye with your steady, sensible defiance.

What an example of courage and perseverance. Wow! America owes you a debt it cannot repay.

RIP, my brother.

Walker Gilliam, Lincolnton

N.C. has lowered taxes since 2013

In response to “Where are low taxes we were promised?” (June 5 Forum):

In response to the Forum writer questioning the Republicans promising lower taxes, I offer the following:

N.C. personal income tax rate lowered from as high as 7.8 percent to a flat 5.75 percent. Corporate tax rate lowered from 6.9 percent to 4 percent. Sales tax down from 5.75 percent to 4.75 percent.

At the same time, education spending increased from $11.3 billion to $12.3 billion.

I rest my case.

Ray Angele, Davidson

Tax relief for middle class? What relief?

Last week I received a newsletter from a state senator highlighting a budget that cuts taxes for the middle class in 2017.

It said “It provides major tax relief to the middle class and small businesses by making the first $17,500 a family earns exempt from income tax, with a family making the N.C. median household income of $44,000 annually seeing an additional tax cut of $110 next year.”

The $110 relief will be absorbed by the sales tax on services implemented in March and by the proposed additional sales tax on many other services in the near future.

Bottom-line, we are not seeing any relief from our politicians by budgets that put so-called savings into one pocket and take more out of the other.

Thomas Uhl, Mooresville

Don’t base your vote on a few robocalls

In response to “Those robocalls are costing you my vote” (June 6 Forum):

I agree that robocalls, whether from telemarketers or politicians, are annoying and highly unsuccessful, though most candidates for national office use this practice.

However, to abandon one’s beliefs and actually vote for an opponent of a candidate who you claim you agree with politically, is actually just as “shallow-brained” as you purport robo-calling candidates to be.

Nelson Blackburn, Statesville