Letters to the Editor

Tell Congress to let CDC study gun violence

James Ragaini
James Ragaini

Repeal would let CDC study gun violence

The Dickey Amendment – lobbied by the NRA – was passed in 1996 as part of a spending bill by Congress.

The amendment prohibits funding to the CDC that could be used to advocate or promote gun control. Consequently the CDC has not been able to study gun violence issues.

Since then Congress has not repealed the amendment, while, unbelievably, various Republicans have said that there is a scarcity of objective data on which to base progressive gun control legislation.

Urge Congress to repeal the amendment and fund the CDC studies.

Even Jay Dickey, the sponsor, now regrets his original efforts.

James Ragaini, Charlotte

Democrats disrupted legislative process

In response to “House Democrats refuse to yield on second day of sit-in” (June 23):

Staging a sit-in to attract political attention and possibly enrich their status in the upcoming election is amateurish.

It’s a blow to civility, a disruption of our legislative process, and a transparent example of just where the Democratic Party has evolved.

Too long have we heard the distortions of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. That and political correctness have led this country into a dismal abyss.

No citizen needs or should have an assault rifle, yet to deny law-abiding citizens access to weapons only leaves weapons in the hands of criminals.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Take cue from France on domestic terror

Terrorists stage attacks in France with automatic guns, despite very strict gun control laws. The French decide to be more proactive in combating terrorism.

The same happens after attacks in Belgium and England, with both countries stepping up counter-terrorism activity.

But when two terrorist attacks occur in the U.S. – San Bernardino and Orlando – the response is to call for useless gun control measures, placing the blame on an object instead of the terrorists.

What is wrong with this picture?

Luis Arzola, Conover

Incompetent Congress must go

It’s unbelievable that our leaders in Congress cannot agree on a gun control plan.

The Peter Principle states that people rise in an organization until they reach the level of incompetence.

In a corporation, these “leaders” would be fired for incompetent and stupid management skills.

Voters have to wait until an election. How sad.

Howard Honeycutt, Charlotte

Gov. McCrory let it go; flush HB2

In response to “McCrory criticizes CMS policy” (June 22):

Kudos to CMS for taking a stand and being proactive about gender issues and school bathrooms.

This is a no-brainer. Making sure that children receive a fair and just education is certainly more important than a toilet issue.

How sad that Gov. Pat McCrory can’t seem to let go of his prejudice towards the LGBT community, even in public schools.

House Bill 2 needs to be flushed away for good.

Lorraine Stark, Matthews

Don’t base vote on skin color or gender

Individuals voting for president based upon gender or race set a terrible example for others to follow and are counter-productive.

The only guiding principle on voting we should adhere to is who will best lead our country successfully in to the future.

National security, opportunity for all, family and moral values, etc., all play their part. But, your “plumbing” and skin color should be irrelevant. It only muddies the water.

David Stout Jr., Davidson

Our teachers need a pay increase too

In response to “An appalling 43 percent pay hike” (June 23 Our View):

The writer is Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 2016 Teacher of the Year

I know what living on “unlivable” pay is. I support my family, classroom, and a homeless family. Vilma Leake and George Dunlap made comments in regards to knowing who our employers are.

I am clear on whom they are. I am also clear on who allocates funding to us.

Pleas have and will continue to be made to our state legislature. This was our commissioners’ time to send a message of support, and for me they fell a bit short.

Jordan Todd, Charlotte