Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump has finally hit rock bottom – I hope

Trump has finally gone too far

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they face a difficult but critical decision. Now is such a time. The leaders and the members of the Republican party are at a crossroads. With all of the disgusting things that Donald Trump has done and said, the last several days have been the worst.

If you vote for him you must also agree with him on most of what he says. No longer can you keep apologizing for what he says or does. It is time to not just condemn what he says, but to condemn the candidate. He has gotten a pass too often.

Bob Cubbler, Matthews

Stop pretending that Trump is qualified

Donald Trump may as well do his next rally in a purple imperial wizard’s robe. If you support this guy, at least step up and own your bigoted views. Stop pretending like you think this guy is qualified.

The sad thing is, he probably does not believe half of what he spews. He just knows how to play the ratings.

Benjamin J. Harris, Charlotte

I vote my conscience, not my gender

In response to ‘No to Clinton; I don’t vote based on gender’ (Aug. 1 Forum):

Upon reading this, I was immediately saddened and outraged by the way the writer insulted not only women, but our electorate and our African American community! I believe that the majority of informed people vote for the person, not because of gender or race!

A little research on Hillary Clinton’s contributions to our society would enlighten this writer.

Pam Williams, Charlotte

Trump’s mouth is Hillary’s best weapon

In response to ‘I question Clinton’s use of ad with kids’ (Aug. 1 Forum):

You know what? Mr. Lane is right. Why keep harping on Trump making fun of the disabled journalist or talking about women bleeding, etc etc. – because he only said it one time. There is SO much more material to use.

Most recently Trump's insulting of the Khan family – not to mention what he said about the grieving Mrs. Kahn.

Clinton doesn’t need to say another word. Video of Trump speaking is all the ammunition she needs. Hillary is right – he is pretty easy to bait!

Holly Saftner, Matthews

Don’t give prisoners voting privileges

In response to ‘Felons and prisoners should be able to vote’ (July 31 Viewpoint):

It is ridiculous to say violators of the law have a right to change the laws by voting while in prison. When laws are broken the consequences are a separation from the rest of society.

I will agree with you in part. Felons who served their time and are not on parole should have the right to vote.

Charles P. Lloyd, Charlotte

HB2 faces same dead end as voter ID law

In response to ‘Judges throw out N.C.’s voter ID law’ (July 30):

Pat McCrory has done it again. After McCrory put our state in the unique position of being the national joke in civil and gay rights, the courts have now ruled that the North Carolina voting law our Republican legislature approved is discriminatory.

McCrory doesn’t agree, so hundreds of thousands of dollars of our tax money will now be spent on an appeal, just like the hundreds of thousands he is using to appeal HB2.

David Rosenbaum, Charlotte

Bias is wrong, but vote fraud is, too

I will be the first person to say that no one should be discriminated against when it comes to voting, but I will add that no one’s vote should be negated by a criminal.

Every vote counts and every fraudulent vote hurts.

Eric Cable, Charlotte

Make Congress feel climate change heat

The writer is vice president of the N.C. Asthma, Allergy and Immunology Society, and a volunteer with Mothers & Others for Clean Air.

The health impacts of climate change demand immediate action. But incredibly, the U.S. House of Representatives just passed a bill that slashes funding for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and blocks the EPA’s limits on carbon and methane pollution. The bill also weakened and delayed other clean air protections.

I call on Congress to fully fund EPA and to reject attempts to block climate change and air pollution protections. Please join me to make sure Congress feels the heat.

Dr. Jennifer Caicedo, Charlotte