Letters to the Editor

If Donald should drop out, so should Hillary

Mark Estep
Mark Estep

Observer must call for Hillary to quit too

In response to Our View “For America’s sake, Donald, drop out now” (Aug. 4 Observer Editorial):

I suppose it’s reasonable for the Observer to call for Donald Trump to drop out. He has made some huge mistakes this campaign.

But if tomorrow’s editorial does not call for lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton to drop out, then you will have lost all credibility.

It is a watershed moment for your paper. If the things Clinton has done in the past few years do not disqualify her in your minds, then you are clearly putting the success of the Democratic party ahead of the overall good of the country.

Kent Ashton, Concord

It’s Clinton who has lost voters’ trust

The arrogance to ask Trump to step down is beyond comparison.

The only reason he is in this race is because 68 percent of America does not trust Hillary – the person who helped dismantle the Middle East, who will not hold a press conference, who has taken millions from Wall Street.

I can’t wait to see what WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange releases in coming weeks. Maybe then, you will ask her to step down.

Mark Estep, Charlotte

Voter ID bill tailored to discriminate

In response to“I don’t see how voter ID discriminates” (Aug 3 Forum):

Supporters of the voter ID bill often say the purpose of it is to decrease voter fraud.

But when the N.C. lawmakers who enacted the bill had their day in court, they were unable to show any evidence at all, not one case, where a voter was charged with fraud that could have been prevented by requiring ID.

More importantly, the N.C. lawmakers asked for voting and registration data, by race, and then tailored the voter ID bill to eliminate types of ID, along with registration and voting practices, used mainly by African-Americans.

That is discrimination.

Kerry Hogan-Hamer, Charlotte

Obama deal with Iran endangered U.S.

In response to “Kerry defends cash payment in wake of Iran deal” (Aug. 4) and related articles:

Agreeing to pay what appears to be ransom for the release of kidnapped Americans put us all in danger.

President Obama still thinks he can convert the enemies of this country to friends by giving them everything they ask for.

He has learned nothing from his failed foreign policies led by Secretaries of State John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

This is the result of having incompetent leaders who are more interested in their political futures than what is best for the country.

Bob Connery, Charlotte

U.S. athletes in Rio deserve safe water

What is our country thinking to allow our best athletes to participate in open water sports in Rio?

Because of the tainted water, they may emerge from the Olympics with more than a medal – with a life-threatening disease.

Some experts are telling athletes to spend as little time in the water as possible and not to let their head go underwater.

How ridiculous! Why not protect our athletes by demanding Brazil find a safe place for them to compete?

Sandi McGarrah, Stallings

Have fun on the lake, but follow the law

In response to “Big Day at the Lake provides big fun and more” (July 29):

In view of the number of drownings we have had this year and the recommendation that everyone, good swimmer or not, wear a life jacket when in a boat, the photographs with this article showed four people in a boat, none of whom is wearing a life jacket and one who even states that she does not swim.

This article shows people disregarding the law and setting a bad example for young people.

Cherry Crossfield, Matthews

Beware of bad advice about flossing

In response to “No proof of flossing benefit” (Aug. 3):

Don’t put away your floss just yet!

Although the government never officially researched its effectiveness, countless dentists and hygienists can testify that our collective years of experience show flossing does indeed make a difference in your dental health.

So, as we say in the business, only floss the teeth you want to keep.

Carol Donna, Cornelius