Letters to the Editor

Bill James is Charlotte’s very own Donald Trump


James is Charlotte’s very own Trump

In response to “Bill James did something offensive, again” (Aug. 8 Our View):

Surely nobody is surprised by this. Bill James is Mecklenburg County’s very own Donald Trump. Like Trump, James appeals to a small but concentrated group of bigots and hate-mongers who apparently feel superior when they can put down other members of the community.

Sadly, we’ve always had politicians of this ilk. Remember George Wallace, Lester Maddox, Strom Thurmond? The only way to get rid of politicians who hate is by defeating them at the polls in such a resounding way that they are too embarrassed to show their faces.

South Charlotte needs to start soon with James. To do otherwise is to endorse him.

Jack Hankins, Charlotte

I’ll take Trump over Hillary any day

In response to “You Write the Caption” (Aug. 8):

You’ve got Donald Trump literally spewing chunks from his mouth (in a cartoon). And a hair-do to match. Gee, I can’t think of anything you haven’t done. I, for one, am voting for this man.

He may not be politically correct, but I happen to think he is better than the other candidate. We’ll see who wins.

Diana Jewell, Charlotte

Trump is no friend of America’s women

In response to “Trump’s support among women: Elusive but enthusiastic in N.C.” (Aug. 6):

So Karen Carty, president of Iredell County Republican Women, doesn’t “hear anything anti-women in what Trump says.” Where has she been the past year as Trump made disparaging remarks about women almost every week? Trump is the last gasp of white male power in the United States. It is not surprising that it goes down kicking and screaming.

Robert Dulin, Charlotte

‘Short-circuited’ translates as ‘I lied’

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine says that a Hillary Clinton White House would be “real transparent.” Are you kidding? If history tells us anything it would be totally opaque!

Is short-circuited just a new world for lie?

Kim Purcell, Mooresville

Why not pass laws to weed out bad cop?

In response to “‘Us vs. them’ rhetoric toward police only divides nation” (Aug. 6 Viewpoint):

Sen. Thom Tillis expressed concerns over the “us vs. them” discourse in the country. He suggested that the Back the Blue Act will give the police the protections they need. This act is just a doubling down on the protections already in place.

Statistically, how many policemen (the few bad apples) are ever prosecuted for their behavior? The only comment needed to avoid prosecution is “I felt my life was in danger.”

If these bad officers were weeded out, this would go a long way to change the impression and the discourse. Pass a law for that.

Jock Chandler, Waxhaw

My tax cut looks more like a tax hike

Thank you, Mayor Pat.

You say you cut taxes? How about the almost $50 of taxes I had to pay for the new wheels for my bike? I’m lucky enough to be able to afford this, but, there are many people who can’t afford your extra taxes on services provided.

You should be ashamed what you and those clowns in the legislature have done. Hopefully you’ll be back living in Charlotte full time after November.

John Weir, Charlotte

Photo ID to vote is just common sense

In response to “Aim of McCrory, GOP legislators is clear” (Aug. 8 Forum):

There is nothing discriminating in requiring citizens to have a photo ID when voting. This requirement applies to all, even if you’re green.

Every citizen can easily obtain a photo ID. If taking possession of a lottery win required photo ID, one would be quickly available.

Frank Harrington, Charlotte

Clarification: A letter in Friday’s Forum should have made clear that a 16-year-old who does not have a boater education card can drive a boat if directly supervised by someone born before Jan. 1, 1988 who meets the guidelines set out in N.C. General Statute 75A-16.2.