Letters to the Editor

Observer Forum: Letters to the editor

In response to “Those with guns prepared to protect” (Jan. 30 Forum):

We need sensible gun control that will move us away from violent culture

I own two rifles, two handguns, and five shotguns, and I use them frequently. Nobody can sanely write me off as “anti-gun.”

I have been an advocate for sensible gun control all of my life; I’m 70.

Putting it as mildly as I can, those who espouse gun toting to be “protective” are simplistic and should watch less TV and fewer movies.

Before Forum writer Bob Buch accuses people with concerns about packin’ iron as “wearing rose-colored glasses,” he needs first to explain the correlation between America having the most guns and the most gun deaths in the 27 most developed countries in the world.

Daniel R. Coughlin


In response to “What are gun toters so afraid of?” (Jan. 28 Forum):

Qualified gun owners have a right to carry in Harris Teeter; I support that

Even though I’m a gun owner, I agree with Forum writer Paul Suko’s position that it is ridiculous to carry a gun into Harris Teeter for safety.

That said, I once thought it was ridiculous to carry a gun to a movie, until a man killed 12 people in Colorado.

I thought Foxcroft East was a safe neighborhood until a man was killed in a robbery. You don’t always foresee a crime.

Mr. Vee is a legally qualified and permitted weapon holder who has proven he is responsible and law abiding. If he wants to exercise his Second Amendment right to carry I support his choice, and it appears Harris Teeter does as well.

Hunter Boggs


Boosting middle-class purchasing power will send economy sky-high

As Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have said, modest tax increases have no impact on the lives of the very wealthy.

These brilliant men also know that rising middle-class purchasing power, as President Obama and many leading economists have said repeatedly, would send the U.S. economy skyrocketing.

It’s ironic but true: The wealthy gain even more when the economy expands, creating more profitable options for investment of their abundant and growing capital.

Capitalism works best when government makes sure everyone gets a fair piece of the pie.

Dan VanAtta

Mint Hill

In response to “Amid record use, why is oil so expensive?” (Jan. 25):

Some don’t want to admit it, but fracking has helped the economy

Apparently it is a dirty word. The last paragraph of this article says “The big technological breakthrough this time was the means to tap so-called unconventional resources, especially layers of shale and other oil-and-gas rich rock.”

Just swallow hard and say it, folks – fracking. It’s a boon to the economy.

Phil Clutts


In response to “Ann Clark to serve as CMS superintendent until 2016” (Jan. 27):

Clark will do great things as CMS chief, just as she did at Vance High

Despite Gov. Pat McCrory’s destruction of our education system, leaving North Carolina ranked last in best states for teachers, we have an outstanding and innovative new CMS Superintendent in Ann Clark.

My daughter was blessed to have Clark as her principal at Vance High School a decade ago. Ann ran Vance with an expectation of excellence for students, teachers who had her respect, and high parental involvement.

She brings people together for the best educational results for students. Stand with her. Be involved. She is a leader to be trusted.

Beverly Tatum


Too much litter on city roadways, stiffer fines needed to eliminate it

Litter along our streets is disgusting, a growing problem and no one appears to care. Independence Boulevard is one of the most unsightly areas and one of the main gateways into Charlotte.

City Council should address this plight immediately and impose a fine of $500 for littering. A littering law with teeth is the only solution.

Frank Harrington


Can’t say enough good things about city/county customer service line

With the rampant waste in federal, state, and local government, it is a pleasure to recognize the utility of our CharMeck 311 service.

I have repeatedly received useful information and responsive service when I have called.

Kudos to the folks who run this department, and to the people who deliver the service!

Leonard Fox