Letters to the Editor

Trump should heed a president’s words

Trump should heed a president’s words

In response to “Trump goes on a tear about media, not Clinton” (Aug. 16):

Donald Trump is now blaming his woes on the “disgusting” and “corrupt” media, and calls reporters “the lowest form of humanity.”

To improve his situation, he would do well to take to heart the words President Calvin Coolidge wrote. In his autobiography, Coolidge said: “Perhaps one of the reasons I have been a target for so little abuse is because I have tried to refrain from abusing other people.”

Stephen Hehr, Matthews

Marijuana use not an issue for government

In response to “US government won’t reclassify marijuana, allows research” (Aug. 13):

This headline just plain outraged me.

Why should the criteria for legalization of marijuana be whether or not it has any medical benefits?

If a person wants to use marijuana, he should be allowed to do so for whatever reason he chooses. That is his decision alone and none of the government’s business.

Let the battle against marijuana usage and whatever harm it causes be conducted by the medical and social welfare communities. They – not the government – are the parties to whom this issue rightly belongs.

Stephen V. Gilmore, Charlotte

Tillis unwilling to do his job as senator

A USA Today op-ed by Senator Thom Tillis is a perfect example of why Congress gets low marks on governance. In it there is an outright refusal to do one of the Senate’s duties, namely Article II Section 2 that the Senate votes on Supreme Court appointments.

Where does it say wait until the time is right? The country has waited 150 days. Must we continue to wait for politicians who are unwilling to do their jobs?

As a retired history teacher, I don’t get it. Perhaps Sen. Tillis needs to study this important document since it involves part of his job description.

Michael Cox, Charlotte

Teacher pushed her agenda on student

In response to “A transgender student’s ‘courageous’ journey to Morehead-Cain scholar” (Aug. 11):

It is truly disturbing that this teacher profiled this young teen, based on her clothing and short hair, to push her biased agenda and unduly influence this student. Then to be portrayed as a hero in your article.

It is not a teacher’s role or responsibility to try to “educate” a student regarding their gender or sexuality. To do so, as this teacher did, should be of grave concern to every one of us.

Lynn Campbell, Blowing Rock

Thanks for 2 inspiring stories

In response to “A transgender student’s ‘courageous’ journey to Morehead-Cain scholar” (Aug. 11) and “Young CMS dance team tops studios to ‘rule’ the world” (Aug. 15):

How refreshing to read two inspiring feature stories in as many days (Kaleb Lyda and Winding Springs Dance Team) that highlight young people’s accomplishments and report how our public school system is innovative, positive and supportive. Keep it up Observer!

Ross Levin, Charlotte

Local coverage for a despicable TV show?

In response to “Concord native’s new show raises a storm” (Aug. 16):

I get that the local paper has a certain responsibility to cover “native sons” who arrive on the national stage. And I appreciate that Theoden Janes called the HBO program “Vice Principals,” co-created by Jody Hill, “excruciatingly mean, pervertedly nasty stuff.”

But I wonder why cover this despicable show at all, especially since provoking a response seems to be one of the creator’s goals: “I am actually happy that people are talking about the show and debating the show,” Hill said.

I realize that, alas, even my letter takes him closer to that goal.

Warren Smith, Charlotte

I’ve had enough of pets in businesses

Why are so many people wanting to bring attention to themselves by taking their “precious pets” everywhere they go? This includes hotels, restaurants, food stores, department stores, and the list goes on. If these people are so starved for attention that they have to use a pet to bring attention to themselves then they have a much bigger issue.

Where is the health department in all of this? Why are there not rules to keep any animal except a true service animal out of restaurants and food stores?

Robert Miller, Indian Land