Cleaning house at UNC Greensboro

From an editorial Wednesday in the Greensboro News & Record:

If the goal at UNC Greensboro had been to clean house in the school’s University Relations office, it did so not with a broom, but with a wrecking ball.

What a mess.

By nearly any reasonable measure, the university overstepped the bounds of fairness and common sense in the firings – and arrests – of three employees for allegedly performing freelance work on the university’s dime.

Now the consequences of those actions appear to have come full circle. Since the curious case of “the UNCG 3” broke last fall:

▪ UNCG Chancellor Linda Brady announced she will step down in July.

▪ The head of University Relations, Paul Mason, who fired the three, resigned.

▪ The district attorney’s office dropped criminal charges against the fired employees. The three had been arrested on 22 counts of theft and could have faced prison sentences if convicted.

The whole episode was managed with such utter ineptitude that it could be used as a case study in what not to do.

If, in the end, Mason’s goal was to clean house: mission accomplished … and more. There’s hardly any house left.

Just the dust and rubble of reckless actions and questionable judgment.