The Buzz: Anonymous comments from our readers on the issues of the day

Wimpy winter wallop.


Neither snow nor rain nor... never mind.

Winter storm recovery will slip slide away after Republicans salt 500 DOT jobs.

As long as Pittenger is making comparisons, I think he’s a lot like Chicken Little.

Guess federal courts are the new Ellis Island?

Keep hard-working, honest Latinos. Deport Congress!

Democracy is a delusion perpetuated by the media.

ISIS is rewriting the book on atrocities.

Appears the JV team is winning over our T-ball team.

Let’s not get into any wars until we have the funds to take care of the returning wounded.

Social media makes mountains out of every molehill.

Rats! We need cyber security, but now that Obama asked it’ll never happen.

Thank you, Sen. Jackson, for returning N.C. to the 21st century – even for just one day.