Voters 1, Matthew 0

From an editorial Tuesday in the Fayetteville Observer:

Here’s one battle Hurricane Matthew won’t be allowed to win: Anyone who wants to register to vote will have ample opportunity.

As happened in Florida and Georgia as well, a judge has intervened in political wrangling over an emergency extension of voter registration hours. On Friday, Wake Superior Court Judge Don Stephens ordered the State Board of Elections to continue accepting registrations through Wednesday. Sign-ups were supposed to end last Friday. Stephens’ order covers most of the counties in this region – if the county is getting assistance from FEMA, it qualifies.

If you haven’t registered but want to vote on Election Day, get to the Board of Elections office. Or go to a public library or a DMV office.

And if you plan to take advantage of the early voting that begins on Thursday, you can register and vote on the same day. But remember, you can’t vote on Nov. 8 if you register during early voting.

No excuses, please: Make sure you’re registered, and then cast your ballot.