The Buzz 10.21.16

The only fraud in this election is Trump.

Hillary pivots so well she belongs on Dancing with the Stars.

Political ad we’ll never see: “My opponent’s honorable, but those policies are just wrong.”

Alt Right? I wish we could CTRL-ALT-DELETE.

Dems insist we “ban the box” on Hillary’s job application.

Battle Hymn of the Republican: Rigged.

Rigged? Yes, actually; Trump booby-trapped the GOP.

Grasping at straws while groping for answers, excuses and skirts.

Save America – vote third party!

Will the real Gov. McCrory please stand up?

Deborah Ross? Been there done that with Kay Hagan.

Guess which areas new affordable housing won’t be located in?

I could find a better cornerback on Craigslist.

My Galaxy phone sends smoke signals.