The Buzz 10.22.16

Advice to new Charlotte City Manager: Rent.

That Megalodon was small fry compared to the development sharks on the coast.

Hillary makes Nixon look like a model of transparency.

Attention America: Prepare for a landslide.

Trump: Richie Rich at 70.

Bert to Ernie – “No, you’re the puppet.”

Don’t know if Trump’s accusers are liars, but I’m convinced his opponent is.

Trump: Make America White Male Again.

Let’s “Run Forest Run” out of office.

So “dictator” Obama only needs 39 more executive orders to catch George W.?

Mayor Jennifer “Maytag” Roberts is a real agitator.

“I Voted” – for a McCrory vacation.

Carolina Can’thers?

Cam... Most Valuable Pouter?

Time for Riverboat Ron to call the hand of Showboat Cam.