The Buzz 10.23.16

Maybe they should be called debaits?

There’s reality – and then there’s Trump.

Hillary’s lies looked much more presidential this time.

Trump probably thinks Misogyny is just another ungrateful pageant contestant.

If smart, strong and informed equals “nasty woman,” I’m in.

GOP created the Trumpmonster. The media just shows it off.

McCrory’s campaign seems to be suffering a self-inflicted knockout fighting HB2.

Affordable Care Act. For who?

Wage growth and employment gains: Republican-speak for increased taxes.

Politics today: If you don’t agree with my views, you’re a moron.

Bye, bye, Burrdie!

Bob Dylan awarded Nobel. Can Willie Nelson be far behind?

Maybe Gettleman should be put through the concussion protocol?

Start pounding!