The Buzz 10.28.16

We’ll pay for the wall; Mexico will pay for the tunnels.

Is the Oval Office big enough to hold all the baggage Hillary will bring?

Trump “nails it!” – the GOP coffin.

The latest poll confirms that Americans trust polls more than ever.

I voted Tuesday – and then I took some antacid!

Why vote early? The fun is just beginning.

Donald Trump, hair today gone tomorrow.

Hillary is ambidextrous – flails Wall Street with left hand, milks it with right.

The GOP dugout must be located in far Right field.

At least I wouldn’t have to hold my nose to vote for “Emperor Washburn.”

No. More. Mergers.

HB2 cost us 400 PayPal jobs – but at least we got that oak bowl back.

Hate that N.C. lost jobs to Richmond. Love that we did the right thing.

The Panthers’ motor is missing a cam.

Yea! The Panthers didn’t lose this week!