The Buzz 10.29.16

Pence plane running off the runway. Trump train running off the tracks.

One company that HB2 can’t keep out of N.C.: Bill Clinton, Inc.

So who checks to make sure every dead voter is a Democrat?

Donald Trump: Owns everything, owns up to nothing.

Hard to believe the start of the 2020 election campaign is less than two weeks away.

So excited! I’ll soon be able to watch car commercials again.

I voted. Now can I make my TV great again?

Sure do miss voting against Rucho.

Mark Washburn for governor!

Must’ve taken PayPal a while to find that bowl in the junk closet.

Fill that bowl with humble pie and feed it to Gov. McCrory on Nov. 9.

Rumpelstiltskin spins straw into gold; Pentagon spins veterans into bankruptcy.