The Buzz 10.30.16

Honest CoStar, we’re not homophobic. Plus, we’ll give you a really nice wooden bowl.

Must be Halloween, the Observer launched another witch hunt against McCrory.

You cannot lose what you never had – 730 jobs.

If HB2 kept 730 developers out of Charlotte, I’d be all for it.

Obama’s $3.6 million golf weekend with Tiger was a big slice of our taxes.

I’ll never again eat a Trump steak – or devour his baloney.

Like Frankenstein, Dr. Media created Trump, now tries to kill him.

Trump, Gingrich, Giuliani – dirty old men we Nasty Women are tired of.

Research: Lying becomes easier after the first one. Proof: Hillary.

Don’t blame Newt for his sexual activities. As Jennifer might say, he was born that way.

Oxymoron of the decade: Affordable Care Act.

Can we fast forward to Nov. 9? Please?